Thursday, November 29, 2012

Window Boxes For A Well Designed Home And Office

Window boxes sometimes called as flower boxes or window box planters is a special container that are usually placed outdoors and use for displaying live plants and flowers, but these can also be used for growing herbs and edible plants. Window boxes are a great option to decorate for the changing seasons as well. In summer you can plant bright colored flowers and vegetables and when fall comes you can replant them with fall mums  small pumpkins and beautiful gourds. With this kind of planter you can pick any plants to suit your needs, it may be for herbal or ornament garden. 

Flowerbox are usually installed or placed to an accessible area so the resident or the owner may easily work with the plants growing in the container. A flower box maybe installed under windows and supported by brackets just on the wall below, thus it is called a window box. High grade materials such as PVC and fiberglass use to a cleat mounting system from the back to attach to the house or can be directly perch using bolts to the home without the use of the brackets. Flowerbox may also be used to cascade to line decks, patio, porches, steps and alleys and they can even be hang on the railings, it is indeed a versatile way of gardening.

Wood, brick, vinyl, metal, fiberglass and cellular PVC can all be used in flower box construction, with wood being the original material of choice. But nowadays, cellular PVC and fiberglass can imitate the look of the wood and can be used as an alternative which is very efficient as a matter of fact. The typical lifespan of wooden Window Boxes will last for 3 to 5 years but with fiberglass, Customized Window Boxes can last for ten to fifteen years and require less maintenance. Fiberglass is known to be lightweight and insect proof. Vinyl and cellular on the other hand, are completely rot proof than wood which are often used on homes to prevent rot or siding damage. 

Custom Window Boxes are most often used by apartment dwellers and those who are living on higher floors, who do not otherwise have full access to a garden or a vacant space to grow flowers and plants. Just always remember that 6" to 8" deep will support any kinds of flowers except the tall ones. Larger boxes such as 10" to 12" in height can be used to grow plants that need more root space and to allow you to layer flowers and plants in numerous rows to create a grander displays.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Half Wine Barrel Planters For Your Plants At Home

Tired of cultivating soil for your plants in the garden? Then, you need to transfer some of your favorite plants in small to medium size planters to make sure that you can still have it in your doorstep.  It will be a lot better for your favorite plants to be transferred in containers so that you don’t need to cultivate your garden soil every now and then.  With the help of the planters you can transfer your plants from one place to another without difficulty.  You can even place it in your garden, your porch or even inside your home as well.  There are many ways you can make your potted plants very useful as far as home decoration is concern.

Likewise, you can also use the half wine barrel planters.  It is very nice in your veranda or porch since it is made up of wood.  The charming beauty of wooden barrel will give your home an old but elegant and alluring look.  The half wine barrel planters have metal bands to secure the soil and plants.  This will be the best replacement for the usual plastic containers or planters we can buy in the market.  Its unique features will definitely fascinate your visitors and would appreciate the beauty of nature right inside your porch or living room.

Moreover, people will be amaze that you will use the whiskey barrel planters for your plants.  There will be a moment of wonder followed by appreciation the moment they realize that you use the whiskey barrels as planters.  It is not usual to see household use such planting tools but once you will see the beauty of the flowering plants that blend in with the wooden planters, you will soon realize how wonderful the beauty of nature could be.

 Always keep in mind that cedar barrel planters are very nice for your plants especially if you use it as decoration for your home.  You will not only be free from the burden of cultivating soil in your garden once in a while but you will give your home a favor by using plants as ornaments.  You will also help yourself with the house budget when you buy the cedar barrel planters because you don’t need to buy additional home d├ęcor.  The plants you have in your newly bought cedar barrel planters is enough as home decoration since plants can spread a relaxing ambiance perfect for your family.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Flower Box Deck Brackets Great Accessory For Your Window Boxes

Decorating your home with outdoor plants is a great way to bring visual value and a personal creative twist to your balcony or deck. Grouping living elements, beautiful outdoor containers and add on accessories can bring out color and texture to any outdoor design. If you are planning to decorate the front yard of your store or even at home, your outdoor containers such as window boxes and planters are a great way to give you beauty and distinction. Pick window boxes that suit your personal taste and compliment the design style of your outdoor space. Window box are specifically design to adorn your deck and railings of your balcony. 

Deck railings do not have to be dull and plane. There are many accessories that can be added to make your deck beautiful than ever. One of the most interesting and beautiful accessory that can be added is the window box brackets for railings. The railings on the deck and patio are plane and simple but these accessory can add a beautiful accent and finished look that will add beauty to your abode. There a wide selection of window box brackets, bolts and braces and planter hangers to choose from to add beautification to any home. These brackets are made of wood, iron and steel and can be mounted to any surface you have, it may be wall or deck railings. Few of them are design just to be hidden or these can be decorative in nature, but both of them are extremely strong and durable, and functional as well.

Flower box railing brackets are specifically created to make sure that your window box is on the right place and secure it from falling. It is to make sure that your plants and soil mix are keep them safe to any weather changes and wind blows. Aside from the security it offers, Flower box railing brackets are designed to be adorable and very stylish in nature to adore every corners of your home where your window box are perched. In fact manufacturers offer a wide selection of window box brackets that are flexible and elegant to choose from and many interior designers even use Flower box railing brackets and shelf brackets for interior displays.

Flower box deck brackets are normally coated with special finish like powder coated iron to stainless steel. This is to ensure that you preserve the beauty of your railings and keep you away from costly maintenance from time to time. It may be costly when you purchase it byt extremely durable and strong and worth the investment than picking some alternatives but taking more of your time and money for maintenance.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Customized Window Boxes Made For The Best

A flowerbox is a type of container used to grow flowers, usually for ornamental purposes, but mostly flowerbox is used to stock edible flowers and herbs. Commonly, this are utilized in areas where gardening space is limited, such as urban city areas, and they can be made in different ways and styles. Some prefer to purchase customized window boxes. Designers and manufacturers offer these containers for home and business applications. Most of them are available online and they offer consultation as well.

Although the term suggests that window boxes made in a box shape, they can be constructed in a variety of shapes like circles, polygons and obscured figures and often they are customized by most manufacturers to match a specific plan. Any containers, customized or not, must have drainage to allow water to flow which is good for plants. They ensure solid construction which ensures that the box will not wear out when loaded with soil mix. PVC, fiberglass, metal, wood and plastic can also be used for constructing flowerbox. 

Most of the people like to plant flowers in their customized window boxes because they can easily remove and replace flowers as soon as the season changes. This is a practical way to ensure that customized window boxes are always filled with something lively, vibrant flowers and green. Some may prefer to grow perennials in their flower boxes so they can trim and make shape plants as they grow to keep them neat and tidy. Customized window boxes can also be used for trailing vines, bulbs and growing plants from seeds.

When choosing or building custom window boxes, it is important to think about how the container will be used. For instance, custom window boxes should include accessories for mounting the box below the window and their should be space between the box and the structure so that stain will not affect the structure. Likewise, custom window boxes which are efficient on decks, porches, and sidewalks should be elevated to ensure good drainage. When a flower box sits flatly on the surface prevent the water from going out when watered. This will rot the root and also damage the flowerbox as well. 

Indeed custom window boxes are good containers for gardening. They are functional while providing beauty to any place. They create a colorful and lush look to outdoor space. Due to its feasible features, they can be made for the best.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Composite Window Boxes Carefully Hand Crafted For A Whole New Look

A natural touch of nature can be made by container gardens on patio and balconies, even rooftops or busy city street. A balcony with lushes greenery and flowers can be easily identified filling the window boxes with numerous small shrubs and perennials cascading along the railings. You can either arrange your containers in a set to make it like a natural garden perch on unexpected spaces in your homes. You will surely be  amazed with the beauty and the grander look of your balcony or patio, a look that makes your home a perfect place to live.

Container gardening is perhaps the most flexible type of gardening because you are allowed to diverge your color plans and you can easily replace them with another set of plants as soon as your climate changes. Basically, garden enthusiast can experiment on how the way they want it to be. You must surely maintain the diversity of your garden whether you want to match or contrast the colors. If you wish to have a sturdy and beautiful flowerbox you can use composite window boxes like cellular PVC and fiberglass. These materials are said to be the most prominent material in making outstanding window boxes.

Customized window boxes are popular these days especially  in highly urbanized cities and towns which employ beauty and distinction. They request to manufacture window boxes with specification not limited to sizes or dimension, materials, styles, colors and even textures to match or make a contrast to their garden. These ready made customized window boxes can perfectly fit in at homes and offices and stores that requires elegance and uniqueness. 

Before buying the plants you wish to raise in your Custom Window Boxes, it is important to know the compatibility of each plant. Since they will be thriving in a single container, it is important to note the level of necessity they need for water, sunlight and fertilizer so they will grow and compliment each other as they grow naturally in the container.

Experience the glow and the natural beauty of your porch or patio, anywhere in your living spaces with the help of container gardening. All you need is a little inspiration and you can start painting your beautiful home with green and flowery plants thriving on beautiful window boxes and pots. You can have it installed in window sills, railings  and in other unexpected spaces. You would definitely create a home that extend its reach to the nature.

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