Friday, May 31, 2013

Fiberglass Window Box For A Better Home

It was a fine sunny day. Cool breeze of air is blowing from any direction. I like it when the sun is not too hot and is perfect day for some apartment hunting. I was lucky to receive a promotion from the company I worked for. I needed to move to New York City. It's time for me to look for an apartment. I want somewhere near my new office. I wanted a relaxing and very comfortable place.

I couldn't be more excited to do the apartment hunting. I am a little bit picky about the apartment that I want, but I'm very much easy to please. A place with great architectural design, updated appliances and amenities will suit my needs. Although price is a great factor, but as as long the location is perfect then that wouldn't be a problem for me. Anyway, my husband is also working so he can also help me pay our rent. I'm so excited for our new home.

As we drive through the city of New York, I was amazed by the beautiful and state-of-the-art buildings in every corner. I can see busy people walking down the streets. We dropped by at West Village Apartment and checkout their rooms. The studio flat, located in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, features a full kitchen and free Wi-Fi. Hudson River Park is just a 1-minute walk away. It features a studio equipped with a full kitchen including a dishwasher, hob, and refrigerator, and dining area. A sofa bed and flat screen TV are also provided. The flat is decorated in classic black and white colours and modern d├ęcor which I like the most. The large window adds light to the studio and offers city views. It is decorated with fiberglass window box with lovely flower. It has an on-site fitness centre and has laundry facilities on every floor. The high-rise building provides a 24-hour front desk, and concierge services. Washington Square Park is a 10-minute walk from the studio. New York University is a 15-minute walk, too.

Well, The West Village Apartment is perfect since it's just near my office. I guess that's it. My and husband and I just need to talk to the broker. We have already set up a meeting. Can't wait to move in.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Making Your Own Window Box

Window boxes are great idea to upgrade your outdoor living space. The cool think about them is that they are also very convenient and practical. Opening the curtains in the morning will be a whole new experience with bees, ladybugs and butterflies flocking to your window box. The bright colored flowers blooms and welcomes you everyday. Make your own neighbor-envy window boxes. You can plant flowers that can charm your visitors and even herbs that is useful for cooking.

Today, I am going to tell you about making your own wooden window box. Although there are wooden window box that are available for sale, there are people who would love to make their own. Customized window box is also available where you can choose your own size and style. Those window window boxes that you can find in the store aren't that cheap and may not be tailored right for your window, so it's better to one by yourself.

1. Measure Accurately 
The width of the windows determines the final length of the planter. 

2. Make a Bracket Template 
Use brackets to support the weight of the box and the dirt that will fill it. Cut a cardboard to use as template. 

3. Select the Wood 
Certain types of wood aren't suitable for this project. Mahogany is perfect but expensive. Cedar is good and can be left natural but it can be stained. 

4. Cut and Trim Side Boards 
After determining the full width of the planter, cut front and back boards to the appropriate length. 5. Bevel Corners Bevel the corner to make it even and nice to look at. 

6. Add Slots 
Cut a slot at the end of the two boards to adjoin sides and increase strength 

7. Cut, Add and Secure End Pieces 
Cut scrap wood left and use a glue to keep the wood in place. 

8. Measure, Cut and Secure the Bottom Piece 
Measure the bottoms and cut the proper length and width. apply glue at the edges and use screw to secure the bottom pieces. 

9. Drill Drainage Holes 
Drill drainage holes in bottom, spacing about 12 inches apart, beginning about 6 inches from each end. 

10. Cut and Prepare the Brackets 
After the box planter is assembled, cut brackets to support the weight of the planter, dirt and plants and secure to the home’s exterior. 

11. Apply the Finish 
You can paint the wood or apply a finish to protect the wood. 

12. Place and Attach Brackets 
Position each bracket where needed to provide good support here there’s one at the middle and each end.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sub-irrigation System For Optimal Plant Growth

Consistent soil moisture is the key to plants growth. It is important to have the best irrigation system for a better outcome. The term sub-irrigation, in agriculture, is a method of irrigation where water is delivered directly to the plant roots zones from below the soil and absorbed upwards. Three basic types of sub-irrigation system are in general use for potted plants in greenhouses.

1. ebb-and-flow - bench-mounted enclosures holding pots are filled and then drained
2. trough - water is flowed through bench-mounted, slightly sloping enclosures containing pots
3. flooded-floor - special sloped concrete flooring is flooded and drained.

Many gardeners are using sub-irrigation system for containers for their plants because it can save time, water and effort. It is also called as the self-watering planter. It is commonly used in vegetable garden and mostly in indoor plants. It also plays a very important role during summer when the soil becomes dried up easily. To keep the the soil moisture on our plants, sub-irrigation system supply water to our plants.

For example, the self-watering window box from is sensible and easy to maintain and usually lightweight. Easy to set up, space, remove, drain, store and clean (inside and out) these reservoirs offer any old or new window box a whole new start without having to buy or invest in a newer and more expensive self watering window box. Other benefits of self-watering planters includes: a good solution for busy or 'forgetful' gardeners and can be handy for hard to get at planters, particularly hanging planters or baskets or planters at the back of big groupings.

Although self-watering planters or sub-irrigation system for containers are quite expensive than any other planters, but they do reduce the frequency of watering and make up extra cost in time-savings.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Window Bow With A Touch of European Style

European style of decorating is the root of all decorating ideas that influenced by the Renaissance period and it has become popular all over the world. There are three European decorating style that are famous nowadays: Tuscan, French country and Mediterranean style.

In European countries, if you are given the chance to look around, you will be to see beautiful window boxes everywhere from country to country. No wonder, window box originated in this area. You will notice window boxes in restaurants, hotels, government offices and other businesses establishments.

Specifically in Paris, France several of hotels with aluminum window boxes. The Saint James Paris is a lovely hotel with 48 rooms and suites in a garden surrounded mansion. The hotel is designed with Juliet balconies decorated with jewel-like colors flowers in window box. The window box provides great attention to both comfort and style. It also adds elegance and classic look to the hotel. Your will only enjoy the comfortability but as well as the cozy ambiance of the hotel, great staff and amenities, state-of-the-art mansion and the beautiful window box completed the famous Saint James Paris.

On the other hand, the White Hart Hotel is one of the most striking hotels in Surrey, it provides superb accommodation and of course a great pub. It is located near the bank of Thames where you could enjoy the seeing the scenic view of the river which makes the perfect stop off for boaters. The beautiful window boxes accentuated with brightly colored and eye-catching flowers attract more tourists every year. You will definitely enjoy your stay in this world-class hotel.

Window boxes have become so popular all over the world especially in European countries. You'll enjoy the beauty, elegance and comfort in hotels with European inspired window boxes.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Choosing the Right Pot for Home or Garden

There are many ways to beautify your home. It can be by repainting it, interior decorating and many others. Putting plants can transform a stale and dull area into a vibrant one. The choices for a pot or planter box is many. However, we need to choose a pot that is suitable for your plants. There are many things to consider when choosing a pot: size, shape and color. Pots can be made of cement, ceramic, fiberglass, composite, plastic, PVC, clay or wood . It can be square, oblong, urn shape or bowl shape.

Cement pots are best in outdoor decorating. It's durable and can last a lifetime. While composite containers are lightweight. Most pots are usually handcrafted and is durable. Pots are perfect for porches, patios, and decks.

Size of the planters is an important factor for your plant growth. Lots of roots space means, your plants are less likely to get cramped and is easy to water and fertilize. As time goes by, plant grows. It's better to put your plant in bigger pots. Bigger pots makes plants happier. The materials used in pots can affect how often you water the plants and how long the container last. Also, one thing that you need to consider is the drainage holes. Pots that does not have holes for water draining should be drilled with holes to avoid roots getting drown and swampy soil.

According to experts, indoor plants in pots requires to be watered once a week because the water does not evaporate quickly in indoors as it does in outdoors. Pots' Size and shape are also important as it gives color and elegance to your space. It complement your plants and setting. Natural terra cotta colors work in any plant, but bright colors such as blue red and yellow can enhance the beauty of your plants and flowers.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Composite Window Box: Perfect For Apartments


A few enhancements to our home is not bad. It does not need to be costly. A little artistry and touch of love will do. Putting plants and flowers are the best example of home decor that is not that expensive. Aside from the beauty it can give it also provides a lot of benefits. You can checkout my latest blog about plants benefits.

On my way home from work, something caught my sight upon passing through some apartments in the city. The beautiful composite window box in The Hub Apartment caught my attention. It is so captivating. The flowers blooms like pastel colors. I never thought that having a window box would look this great. I wonder how the owner decided to have a window box.


When I got home, I thought of putting a window box. Since the apartment window is perfect for that. I called the lessor if she could allow me to put a window box. She didn't agree with my plan. She said that if I will put a window box , it is best to have it on every window. Well, that sounds great. It will look nice. She said that she'll talk to the apartment owner and the architect about it. It really excite me a lot. At least, I give a suggestion to improve the outdoor facade of the apartment and attract more tenants. 

I sat down near the window while having coffee. I'm waiting for my companion to arrive home so that we could eat together. There are also apartments in our neighbors. I notice that there are no window box either. I even imagine how it look like when there is one. For sure it will look great. If I could only encourage the owner of our apartment to have it immediately.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Choosing Your Home Decor With Planters and Pots


Finding the right and perfect decoration for your home can be a challenge for many. From plants to decorative accessories such wall decors, it's available in many stores and also online. How are we going to choose or select the decor? Depending on the architectural design such as theme or color of your office or home, decors should also match with it. We don't want to mess up with the beauty of your home. Choosing an object of art is one of the many ways to beautify your home.

There are many things to consider in choosing your decoration. However, I'll just list down four most important factors. 

 1. Price 

 Affordability is what most people look into when choosing their home decoration. Although some others, don't look for price as long as it looks good for their home. A painting, for example, is expensive but it can bring elegance to your home. 

 2. Style 

 Whether you like traditional, minimalist or simple decors, you must choose something that can show your own personal and distinctive style. 

 3. The interior design of your house. 

 Many people have thought that an art such a painting is the heart and soul or home decorating but sometimes it may not be suitable to home designs. On the other hand, plants in containers and boxes are the most inexpensive and easy way to brighten up your home. You can choose from tropical  flowering plants or even large indoor plants. The beautiful hand-crafted planter boxes can add beauty and elegance too. 

 4. Creator/Manufacturer 

Usually when we buy things such as artwork, we prefer to buy those from famous artists. And of course, it's costly. However, when we choose our decor, we also check for its durability, quality and low maintenance. Although changing of home decors is perfect but sometimes, it is not wise. When buying decors, we choose the manufacturers who are reliable. 

There many ways to improve and beautify your home. It only needs a little of artistry.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Indoor Planters: Modern Day Decoration


Plants play an important role in our life. Plant can be a great addition to a room or house decoration; on the other hand the presence of plant can make the room or house even more fresh and natural. It is also used as an air purifier in home or office. Many have thought that having a house plant is costly and time-consuming. There are several methods and strategies that can be applied in order to bring the natural sense to the room with the addition of plants. Indoor planter can be the simplest solution to bring the natural sense of plants to a room.

Commercial and residential designers alike look to indoor planters as a means to enhance their designs. Modern indoor planters usually are are self-watering that exude an impeccable sense of style while also managing to be practical. For decorators at home, these indoor planters make great windowsill displays to create a miniature herb garden or plant simple, soothing tall grasses. This can also block unsightly views in your home.

Plants can transform dull areas into a beautiful place. It creates a stress-free environment. It's not only the plants that bring color and beauty to your home or office, planter boxes do. Planter boxes varies from sizes and designs depending on the place or location of the house you're going to put your house plant. You can choose from Cardiff-well, Cottage-well, Min-well, Rondelle and Cottage weave planters. It's a great addition to your home decor. Plants in planter boxes looks tidy and elegant. 


If you don't have any houseplant or worrying where to put it to look good? Then Hooks and Lattice can definitely help you out.