Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hanging Out In The Garden

There is nothing more comfortable than resting your tired body after cleaning all the weeds, fertilizing and watering the plants in your garden. You can place a garden bench under the shade of a tree or anywhere which will give you the best view of your growing garden. From there you can enjoy and admire the beauty of plants which you tried to grow.

A gardener at heart, I know how it feels like to just simply watch how your garden grows. I would sit on the our garden bench which is called a Black Orchid Bench, a garden bench made from Eucalyptus and coated with a weather resistant black polyurethane finish. What I love about it is that it is weather tested and it is very comfortable to sit on. I would sit there for long hours just savoring the beauty of the blooming flower garden which I helped grow. When I am off from work, I would relax on the Black Orchid Bench while reading my favorite book or magazine. But most of the time I would bring a pillow and sleep on the garden bench. We are planning to add an additional garden bench sometime soon as every one in the family seems to enjoy hanging around the garden. We already added chairs and a table since we also enjoy eating breakfast there. I know that like me, my family feels a kind of peace being surrounded by the beauty nature as well.

Enjoying the beauty of your garden can be compared to watching your child grow as well. Except in growing a garden, there is no need for you to get out of bed at night. It also worries you when your garden does not grow so well. In addition it gives you a certain kind of satisfaction when your garden is growing healthily like your own child who is growing up so well.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Herb Kits And Seed Starting Kits For The Brown Thumbs

Gardening is one of the best things to do if you want to unwind and relax. It is the best stress reliever according to some and it is one of the most gratifying hobbies I know. In fact the small gardens of herbs which I have been working on are growing healthily. My cousin who gave me the present calls it Thai Herb Window Box Kit. The herb kit and seed starting kit include Thai basil, Thai chili pepper or bird’s eye chili and spice coriander. I was grateful with the gift but I was hesitant to accept it considering how bad I am when it comes to growing plants. But according to my dear cousin, Thai herbs such as the Thai basil are easy to grow.

After three weeks, the herbs do not show any sign of wilting or withering. I felt great that for the first time in a long time the plants which I tried to grow are growing well. It gave me hope that my long time dream of growing a variety of flowering garden, vegetable garden and herb garden will finally come true. In fact, I already started clearing out the weeds in the backyard to make way for the garden. I also bought several herb kits and seed kits for the garden. According to the plant enthusiast I have spoken online, these plants can also be transferred on the ground. But I am not confident enough that I can do it without harming the plants.

Growing plants are maybe easy as 123 to some. But to those who has a brown thumb like me, it is not. I know that I am great in following instructions especially when it comes to growing a plant. But in spite of it, they still wither. Having a green thumb is a gift which is not for everyone, but I am sure that with the help of everyone, those who has a brown thumb like me can grow a garden healthily.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grace Your Walls With Plant Wall Sconces
Pavillion Plant Sconce

Yesterday, I was surprise to see that everyone at home seems to be busier than usual. They were debating where to place the plant walls sconces which was delivered the day before. The plant sconce which was made of ceramic was a gift from my aunt. And knowing how we love plants and ceramics she thought about giving us the plant wall sconces which have been around at her house. I have actually seen these plant sconces at her house weeks ago.

According to her, she ordered these lovely plant sconces online based on a recommendation of a fellow plant lover. She was impressed with the unique and breathtaking designs of the Brown Taupe Iron Wall Planter with Removable Liner and the Pavillion Plant Sconce that she ordered several of them without thinking twice. But she has no regrets ordering too many since she have been planning to give away these ceramic plant wall sconces as a Christmas present to her fellow plant lover like us.

Brown Taupe Iron Wall Planter With Removable Liner 

It does not matter if the Christmas present is long way overdue. We just love them. Even our neighbors are impressed of the these newly added decorations which are now gracing our home. They have been asking me where I purchased them. When I told my aunt over the phone how my neighbors liked the plant sconces, she is too willing to provide the website of the online store which sells the plant sconces. I hope that the online store will give her a discount the next time she buys from them for giving a good word about their company. I have also visited the website of that online shop to check what else they are selling and I like what I saw. The online shop seems to be trusted as well so I guess I have nothing to worry about the next time my dear aunt orders in the same online shop using her credit card.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Redecorating Your Wall With Nature Wall Decors

Changing the interior design of your home is a good way to start the year. It is one way of giving you a fresh start. Besides aren't you tired of seeing the same decorations? It may sound a lot of work especially if you have a big house. Or if redecorating the entire house is really too much for you, then you may redecorate your room instead.

There are a lot of beautiful interior designs available online that could serve as your guide when you redecorate your home. You can also watch some do-it-yourself videos if you like some fresh and contemporary designs such as the Abstract Geometric Wall Art, Swirl Wall Medallion Grille, Italian Gold Floral Pinwheel Wall Medallion and the Set of Four 8"W x 31"H Contemporary Wall Decor Panels for your room. These wall arts are perfect for your living room and dining room as well. But if you are more of a nature lover, there are also Nature wall d├ęcors that will suit your taste. In fact, I have recently bought a Butterfly Swirls wall art decor for my collection of nature wall decors. The design is enchanting or perhaps it is because I have a penchant for butterflies. But I really wish that they could have some stars inspired wall decors available as well. I am planning to redecorate my room with stars next year. You can also add some live plants to give your room a warm and cozy effect.

Redecorating even your own bedroom is kind of tedious especially if you need to rearrange heavy cabinets, tables and bed. I know because I am not a big fan of redecorating and cleaning. But it is something which I need to do. You just need to put your mind to it.