Friday, June 28, 2013

Your Dream House

What is your dream house? Would you prefer to have a big one or small one? Have you already thought of the design that you want? I know everyone has its own dream house. A house that you can live, spend and enjoy life with your family. As for me, I am not really dreaming of a grandiose and luxurious house but a simple house is already good for me as long I'm with my loved ones.

Whether you have a big or small house, home decorating is a great way to improve your home and give a more appealing look. Mostly, in western countries they are not really after the exterior design of the house, rather they check the interior design of it. This includes the paint color, the design of the rooms, the kitchen and even the space inside. However, for some people who are really concerned about the outside look of their house, they make sure that it is pleasing to the eye. A friend of mine once said that no matter how cheap or expensive of your design or decor as long as it gives a positive and beautiful outcome, it is still acceptable.

I've been to a lot of places and I have visited a lot of houses too and I was really amazed how these designers and architects create such a great architectural design. House designs may differ from country to country. For example in western countries, many people choose house designs with exterior shutters to protect their windows against different weather conditions. While some countries prefer bigger houses to give enough space for children to play and for visitors. 

Building a house is a dream but finishing it is a nightmare because this isn't a joke. This would require more time, effort and of course money. To make your dream house become a reality, be realistic.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Adventure at Valloire

France is located in Western Europe with several overseas regions and territories. It is known as the largest country in Western Europe and third largest in the whole Europe. It is a developed country and considered as the Europe's wealthiest country. Valloire is a commune in the Savoei department in the Rhone-Alps region of southeastern France. It is the home of the famous ski areas: Sétaz and the Crey du Quart. Many people come and visit the place every year and experience the thrill and excitement of skiing.

Last year, I was invited by my friend to spend a weekend to their place. Since I never been there, I was very excited that I answered yes immediately. When I arrived in their house I was welcomed by her family. We had a great dinner and after that we stayed at the living room since we have lots of catch up to do. The next day, I woke up early to prepare to go to the ski resort to try skiing. Of course, since it was my first time, I need to practice. I stayed there for a while I watched my friend showed her expert moves. She's been doing for quite sometime now since she lived there. After I was able to get my balance, I was able to make a few distance. It really feels great to experience skiing firsthand. 

After a breath-taking adventure, my friend tour me around. We pass by the Avenue De La Vallee D'or. From the point where I am standing, I can see the tall mountain with snowcaps. It looks awesome. As we continue our walked, I saw a hotel that very extraordinary. The architectural design is very unique. Not only that, my friend told me that during spring the flowers blooms in the window boxes that gives a very alluring look from afar.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Famous Gardens Around the World

Gardening is one great hobby. Planting trees herbs, trees and flowering plants and watching them grow healthy is very rewarding. Although there are some constraints in getting that beautiful garden such as weather, stray animals and insects, many people still love gardening. Some gardens become a tourists destination. There are many famous gardens around the world. I will list down the top 10 gardens according to National Geographic.

1. Chateau de Versailles
Versailles, France

The famous French landscape designer André Le Nôtre laid out these gardens southwest of Paris in the 17th century at the behest of Louis XIV. The 250 acres (101 hectares) are riddled with paths that lead to flower beds, quiet corners decorated with classical statuary, ornamental lakes, and a canal that King Louis used for gondola rides.

2. Royal Botanic Garden at Kew
Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England
Set amid 132 hectares (326 acres) of landscaped grounds, greenhouses are a popular feature of the gardens. Underneath their domes, botanical science and conservation come together in an elegant setting 16 kilometers (10 miles) from London. The Temperate House is the world’s largest Victorian greenhouse; the Bonsai House has trees more than 150 years old.

3. Powerscourt Garden
Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland

The gardens and grand Palladian villa at Powerscourt, south of Dublin, were designed in the 18th century and punctuate 19 hectares (47 acres) of formal walled gardens and shaded ponds. The grounds, waterfalls, parks, garden pavilions, and fine tree-lined arbors were suggested by the Italian Renaissance and the great estates and gardens of France and Germany. The beautiful garden planters completes the scenic view of the garden.

4. Buchart Gardens
Vancouver Island, British Columbia
The Butchart Gardens are a dazzling example of a successful reclamation project. The land, used for years by Portland Cement, by 1904 had exhausted its value as a quarry. That's when Jennie Butchart, the wife of Portland Cement's owner, filled the space with soil from nearby farms. Her vision expanded into a 55-acre (22-hectare) tract filled with 700 varieties of plants that bloom from March to October. 

5. Villa de'Este
Tivoli, Italy
A Renaissance cardinal decided to make life in Tivoli bearable by turning a dilapidated Benedictine monastery into a lovely villa, the Villa d'Este. This was embellished by one of the most fascinating garden and fountain complexes in the world, recently listed by UNESCO as one of Italy's 31 major historical/artistic sites.

6. Dumbarton Oaks
Washington D.C.

You might feel as though you've stepped into a Merchant-Ivory set in any of the gardens that make up this estate at the north end of Georgetown, one of Washington's poshest neighborhoods. Vines tumble down stone walls enclosing the Fountain Terrace.

7. Gardens of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
St.-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France
In the early 1900s, Béatrice Éphrussi, a Rothschild baroness, built a pink-confection, Venice-style villa surrounded by breathtaking gardens, with the sparkling sea beyond. Pathways meander through the seven themed gardens, the focal point being the French gardens, with a lily-pad-dotted pool, dancing fountains, and a Temple of Love replicating the Trianon at Versailles. There are also a Provençal garden, filled with olive trees and lavender; a lapidary garden, with sculptures too large to be displayed in the villa; and Spanish, Japanese, Florentine, and exotic gardens.

8. Stourhead
Warminster, England
To the English gentry of the 18th century, the more classical something could be, the better. Stourhead is a grand example of genteel fascination with the past. Henry Hoare II punctuated the gardens of his Wilshire estate with re-created ruins and classical buildings such as the Pantheon and Temple of Apollo.

9. The Master-of-Nets Gardens
Suzhou, China
This residential garden in southeast China, called Wangshiyuan in Chinese, was designed during the Song dynasty (A.D. 960-1270). The arrangement of pavilions, halls, music rooms, winsome bamboo groves, and waterside perches is an exercise in natural harmony.

10. Sans Souci
Potsdam, Germany
Frederick the Great of Prussia built the splendid rococo palace as his summer place, where he could live without a care, sans souci. Busts of Roman emperors, decorative statues, and a Chinese teahouse dot the lavish grounds.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wall Arts Using Toilet Paper Rolls


Decorating you home using the things and the wastes around is very easy and affordable. It doesn't mean that if you are using your wastes or garbage, it won't look great. It is only a matter of artistry and resourcefulness. I will share with you some Do-it-at home tips that you can try. Do-it-at home is like doing it your own. It's fun and exciting. Creating your own design and masterpiece. Hanging your own artwork is an easy and affordable way in making a dull wall interesting and impressive.

When I was cleaning the house and busy collecting all the garbage, I saw the empty toilet paper rolls which my children played earlier. I notice that it is quite plenty of them so I think of an idea on how to use it and to minimize the garbage that I need to throw away. I previously read at the website about it. I will have my own version of it.

Here are the things that you need:
empty toilet paper rolls
glue or glue sticks
glue gun
colored spray paint or acrylic paint
canvass or an old picture frame 

1. Cut the toilet paper rolls using the scissors into a half and cut the half again in order to make 4 pieces.
2. Using your glue gun, put the little pieces together. Glue it as close as possible like no gaps in the middle.
3. You can make many of these and and spray paint it. You can use gloves to avoid paint getting into your hand or nails. Decide if how many coats and color you want. 4. Once the toilet paper rolls has dried out, lay down your canvass and decide if what design you like before gluing it together.

The steps are very easy. You can also have your children try it and they can make their own designs which they can play with.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Pleasant Surpise

A wall is one of the best area for decorating. A blank or dull wall can be transformed into something more interesting. Choosing a wall decor that is appropriate to your home's design is sometimes hard. Many said that a wall is said to be a medium of personal expression. Wall decorating includes putting a mirror, pictures, murals, canvas, paintings, decors, wallpapers and painting it. These decorations live and brighten our walls. We can use our walls to express our creativity and artistry. 

I was visiting a sick friend of mine in the block when I bumped into my college bestfriend, Sheila. I was surprised to see her near our place. And at the same time I was so glad to finally see her after 10 years. We had a small talk and she gave me her number. She invited me to go to her housewarming party the day after tomorrow. She gave me her address and we bid goodbye to each other. I went straight to my friend's house and checked her. Good thing that she's feeling okay now. I brought her some fruits and biscuits. She have a flu for almost a week now. The doctor advised her to have some rest and stay at home. .

Two days later, I went to Sheila's house. She bought a house two blocks away from us. She married a Canadian who works as a engineer of a cell phone company. They have a two-storey house with four bedrooms. They have a Mediterranean style of house. She actually designed the whole interior of the house. The walls are painted in purple. She hanged the paintings that she bought from other countries. At the living room have a big metallic tree that almost occupy the wide wall. It actually gives a unique touch of nature. She also let me see her kids bedroom and the guestrooms. Each room have a distinct designs. After we have completed our tour, we went to the patio and meet some her friends and family. 

It was a wonderful night, indeed. I got to see familiar faces and friends (that I haven't seen for years). What a small world it is.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Apartment Search in Manhattan

Here I am again in search of an apartment in Manhattan. Looking for an apartment is never easy. There are several things that you need to consider. This includes the cost, accessibility, convenience and comfortability. More and more people have moved in to New York, in search for a better job opportunities and finding an apartment becomes so hard. The city doesn't have that vast area of apartments. You have to think that you have a lot of competitor. If you are a budget conscious individual then finding an apartment through a broker is not an option. Instead you can also use of a no fee broker through online.

Brownstone apartments is very popular in New York. Aside from it offers affordable rent, it has beautiful window boxes as well. Tree-lined trees are very inviting too. Many have thought that having a window box in apartment is very time consuming. According to some apartment dwellers that I have asked about how they manage their time between their work and at home. They answered that its about being resourceful and with the help of online ideas. Just like the woman I met, she said that with her window box she uses the Planter Well self-watering reservoir to irrigate her plants. Her friend recommended when she had a problem with her plants that gets withered because she forgot to water it. I was really amazed with the lovely flowers in her window box.

I went further to look for apartments. I found out that the average rent in the Upper East side or Upper West side ranges from $1,600 to $3,000 depending on the number of rooms you want to have. On the other hand, if you want to live in downtown Manhattan, the average monthly rental fee ranges from $1,500 to $8,000. If the cost is something that you have a great concern that you may consider staying in the Upper East Side.

Be wise and be practical in choosing an apartment. What matters is you're comfortable and safe anytime.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Taste of Nonna's Best

After the disaster that hit Oklahoma City a few weeks ago, many have though that they can't easily move on. Destroyed houses, hospitals and schools were everywhere. Stores and businesses were closed. Many people were dead especially children. Millions of dollars damage is left by the monstrous tornado. Despite of these, Oklahoma City stayed strong than ever before. People pick up their pieces and start all over again. It's a natural calamity anyway, and nobody wanted that to happen.

After that calamity, businesses opened again and thinking that, it doesn't happen. Struggling and standing back again is what people say. A new day and a new hope for everyone. One lazy afternoon, I asked my friend to accompany me in buying some groceries. We went to Bricktown, Oklahoma. Good thing that these place was not affected by the tornado. We dropped by at Penn Square mall for some window shopping before buying groceries. After we get tired, we bought the groceries and headed to Nonna's to make our stomach full. Upon entering the restaurant, the enticing smell of delectable food is very tempting. Of course, I ordered the Nonna's favorite, a signature tenderloin meatballs served with spaghetti with Nonna's marinara and creamy alfredo. It's my all-time favorite. The delectable food and cozy ambiance makes the Nonna's. The staffs are very polite and accommodating.

Aside from the food, Nonna's also have a unique restaurant design, beautiful flowers with coco hanging baskets liners, nice brick walls and perfect architectural lighting. It has cool ambiance that makes people relax and enjoy the food. Nonna's also cater special events for your loved ones. You can choose between a quaint dinner party or a grandiose banquet. They have the Private suite that can accommodate up to 25 guests of the Entertainment suite that can accommodate up to 100 guests. Celebrate your private party at Nonna's and enjoy the delicious food and super fine-dining experience.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Apartment Hopping in New York

Living in an apartment and got no space for your plants? If you are a garden lover and your trapped in a small apartment or house, it doesn't mean you can't have a garden. We have a lot of gardening ideas for you.

  • You can make a windowsill garden or window box 
  • Grow an office plant and place it in your desktop 
  • If you have a balcony or patio, it's a perfect place for container gardening like pots and planters. 
  • Making a hanging plants is great.
Those are only a few suggestions for a garden lover like you. I have walked down in New York to find an apartment. I'm planning to stay there for a while. Of course, I'd love to stay where there is a space for a garden. I went to Prospect Heights. I've heard that there are beautiful brownstone apartments there. It is a neighborhood in the northwest of New York City borough of Brooklyn. Compared to other Brooklyn neighborhoods and streets, Prospect Heights is relatively small and is known for its cultural diversity and beautiful tree-lined trees. Other known brownstone apartment there are the Lincoln and St. John's Place. It is a low-cost housing which housed 97 families in searched for a low cost housing. Prospect Heights is surrounded with opulent buildings such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library and Mount Prospect Park.


Aside from brownstone apartments, row house are eminent too. Brooklyn Flat is nice with great facade, tree-lined street and awesome fiberglass planters. It is a two sunny bedroom apartment with large windows, skylights, hardwood floors, original mouldings, high ceilings, exposed bricks, Asian style bathroom with an above counter sink. It is complete with amenities such as free wifi, large flat screen TV, large refrigerator and stove. It is close to restaurants, cafes, art galleries museum, park and other businesses.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finding A New Home In Austin

Exterior window shutters are great way to decorate your homes outdoor architectural design aside from repainting your house or reconstructing it. Exterior shutters come in different materials, color and designs. Decoration is not the only use that window shutters can be put to, however they can be used in a number of other ways. It serves as a protection for your windows against strong winds, bad weather conditions or hot glare of the sun. It can provide an extra layer security for your home. For me, if I will have to design my own home I'll put a window shutter to add glamour to my home.

One day, my friend asked me to accompany him to look for his new home. Got his new job in Austin and since he now have a bigger family, he needed to get a new home. Before the sun is up, my friend and I was ready to look for his new home. First, we went to Woodway Village. The village is located at 4600 Nuckols Crossing Road, Austin. Upon reaching the village, there's already a broker waiting to guide us in checking the houses. It is a peaceful community with two-storey houses with garage. The community has churches, golf course, parks and schools. My friend and his broker talked about the price while I look around. I was amazed with the beautiful houses and I am thinking of building my own house back home. My friend isn't decided yet, so we moved on to the next village.

Next stop, Preston Village. Located at 3709 Quick Hill Road, Austin. It's just 25 minutes from downtown Austin. It is near HP, Samsung, Dell and Apple. My friend is considering this village because it is near his work - Apple. It has low tax rate too. Schools, hospitals, restaurants and major employers are around the corner. The place is very ideal for my friend's family. It is a two-storey house with 3 bedrooms which is perfect for his family. The architectural design of the house are great. There's one house that caught my friend's choosy eye. The house is designed with board and batten window shutters that matched the brick-like walls and he said that he'll take it. He and the broker talked about the price and when they can transfer. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Only the Best at

Gardening is one great hobby. Whether you're a beginner or expert, gardening is one great way to make your home an attractive one. Housewives and homeowners love to see a lushy green garden and blooming flowers. However, not everyone of us has a wide area for gardening so some of us become contented with what we got. Others don't even have a green thumb, too. Container gardening is a best option for limited space. According to Kent Ford, a landscape architect, size has nothing to do with it. It’s all about imagination, clever visual cues and incorporating a small number of bold ideas.

Container gardening is being used in businesses and houses with limited spaces but wanted to share the beauty of plants. It has been said that plants provide a better and cozy environment to employees and even customers. Pots and window boxes are examples of containers for gardening. Greeneries, such as ornamental plants, bonsais and flowering plants are being used in indoor gardening. In addition to these, pots and window boxes makes up a perfect decoration.

Choosing the best pots or window box for your plants can be a little tricky. There are a lot of things to consider. This may include size, style and materials used. There are lot of pots you can choose from: fiberglass, vinyl, metal or iron and wood. On the other hand, window boxes choices are vast as well. This includes composite, decora, fiberglass, aluminum, metal, tapered iron, wood, vinyl and copper. got all these for you. If you need help in choosing pots for your business or window box for your home, our experts are ready to help. Our blogs can also provide you some tips and secrets to get that neighbor-envy garden and increase foot-traffic in your business.