Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Living Wall Kits For Home Improvement
Time flies so fast. It seems like yesterday when I wrote about the living wall art which is my current project at home. Now, the plants on the walls of my kitchen and living room are thriving beautifully and healthily. Inspired of the good results, I bought several Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits and a few more DIY Living Wall Kits. I am planning to cover the entire living wall with my favorite plants but I am not sure how to do it. But I have high hopes that just like my first green wall project, this new project will also succeed.
Initially, I am confident that I could do the green wall project alone. But this is a huge project for me. I tried asking help from my family members and relatives but they said I can do it without their help. The first green wall project which I started last week is growing healthily which means the curse of the brown thumb is probably lifted according to them. They don't budge to help no matter what I do or say. Frustrated with my family for refusing to help me, I read the instructions which came with the DIY Living Wall Kits and Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits for the nth time but nothing seems to register in my brain. It seems so easy when my family were helping me. Left with no choice, I decided to call the store where I purchased the DIY Living Wall Kits and asked for their help. 

Do it your self living wall kits are indeed easy. All I need is an expert to give me some tips. With my fingers crossed, I wish that this new green wall project will also succeed. I do not have to worry about watering the plants as well since the DIY Living Wall Kits includes its own watering tank and moisture mat which will keep the plants living and green. My first green wall project is doing okay so definitely the next green wall project will also be okay.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gardening In A Unique Way With The Living Wall Kit
We love to decorate our home. We make sure that our home would look neat and pretty from floor to ceiling. We would decorate it with vases, figurines, paintings, and plants. But having a plant on your wall is kind of ingenious. It is also unique. I never imagined that would be possible. However, after receiving a Living Wall Kit with Traditional Frame as a gift from a college classmate, everything about wall gardening is possible. I was able to grow Wandering Jew, Geranium, Jasmine and succulent plants and other indoor plants in the living wall kit with the help of my folks. I am planning to add another one for the kitchen. But this time, I will be planting herbs and spices.
The  Living Wall Kit with Traditional Frame allows me to plant my favorite indoor plants and hang it on my wall like a painting or a picture. It has ten planting cells for your favorite indoor and outdoor plants. In addition, it has its own water tank and moisture mat that will keep your plants alive and healthy. Whoever thought of gardening this way is not only clever and very resourceful but must really love gardening a lot. Normally, we would have our favorite plants planted in a flowerbox, planter or flowering pot and place it in one corner of a room or on a table as a centerpiece. But having a wall garden is really amazing. It is like having a living picture which is both refreshing and weird as you watch them grow or thrive on your wall.
Gardening must indeed come in many forms and done is many ways. The Living Wall Kit with Traditional Frame gives a new definition to gardening. I had fun growing the plants in this do it yourself green walls. I feels like I am creating my very own masterpiece and just like what Luther Burbank said, "Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gardening In Style With The Raised Bed Garden Kit

According to Josh Billings, “a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” It will even sacrifice its own life for our sake which makes me feel a bit guilty at times especially when I reprimand my pet dogs for doing something mischievous such as biting our television remote control into pieces, tearing the mail into pieces and gnawing at the furniture.  Well, they are just being dogs.
Image by Hooksandlattice
However, one of the most devilish things my dog has ever done which made me lose my temper was when it dug the vegetable garden which I have been working on for almost a month now. The remote control and the furniture can be replaced. I really do not care much about the mails since I receive the important ones in my electronic mailbox. But the time and hard work which I spent on the vegetable garden which will be harvested in a few weeks cannot be replaced. Again, they are just being dogs. But I still feel bad that all that hard work are down to nothing.
Image by Hooksandlattice
Thankfully my mom and siblings tried fixing it up for me. After surrounding the garden plot with a fence, they replanted those plants which were not totally damaged in a Round or Clover Shaped Raised Bed Garden design which was meant for my mom’s flowering plants. Or perhaps she had foreseen that something like this will happen and ordered the raised bed garden kit in advance. Anyhow, the Clover Shaped Raised Bed Garden design looks appealing, unique and most importantly, the vegetable plants look better in it. I guess it is because my mom had carefully chosen the right kind of soil for the vegetable garden. Gardening is also made easy because of the raised bed garden kit since I don’t need to kneel or bend a lot. In addition, since we can chose the type of soil in the raised bed garden kit, it is possible to grow fruits, flowers and herbs which were unlikely to grow in the of soil we have in the backyard. Somehow what my puppy did to the vegetable garden in the backyard is a blessing in disguise.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home Herb Garden: A Perfect Gift For Our Loveones

Image by Hooksandlattice
Choosing a birthday present for my best friend since high school is always giving me a headache. There are times that I regret being her best friend especially during special occasions such as Christmas, her birthday and their wedding anniversary because I do not know what else to give her. That’s because she already has everything she could ask for. So I always end up asking her what she wants as a present. However, she no longer wants to receive a present that she already knew. I might as well not give her anything since the essence of surprise is gone. She wants to receive a present that she will feel excited about when she opens it.

Image by Hooksandlattice
I was already thinking of baking her favorite cookies since she is on a strict diet. I was planning to ruin her diet when I remembered our last conversation that she is taking classes for cooking. Surely, she would want a home herb garden in her grand kitchen just like the ones I have in our kitchen. It is probably not an original idea since I received the home herb garden from her but I am sure that she will be surprised when she receives the same gift as well. With the help of my cousin who is very good with plants, I started an herb garden for my best friend. I bought two sets of three assorted Volcanic Rock Planters and several Seed and herb kits and ask my cousin to plant them for me. The home herb garden will be ready in a month just in time for her birthday and for the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to her birthday.

Image by Hooksandlattice
Whenever we give someone a gift, we are not only giving just any gift; we are giving a part of our self to that person. We always give it a careful thought because we want to be remembered by the person who will be receiving the gift. These are a few of the reasons why choosing a gift is hard especially if that person already has everything that money can buy. But let us not forget that the most expensive gifts are not those which can be bought by money.