Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Outdoor Herb Garden Kits For Easy Gardening

Keeping a garden is proven to be a wonderful and productive hobby which relaxes and heals us. It promotes positivity which help us face the world with a brave face and a brave smile. It teaches patience and appreciation for simple things. It also teaches us to respect nature. It explains why children are taught to grow a garden. As their garden grows, so are the values learned from taking care of the plants.


It is a great thing that most of us keep a garden or a plant at home. Space is also not a hindrance to grow or maintain a plant or a garden as there are plant containers and hanging glass terrariums. These plant containers and hanging glass terrariums are wonderful space savers that you could use for your garden. Then there are also outdoor herb garden kits are perfect indoor plants. These outdoor herb garden kits allow you to grow herb plants such as basil, sage, and garlic chives to name a few of the most in demand herbs in the kitchen. There are also seed starting kits for tomato, edible flowers and even mushrooms in the comfort of your home. These herb garden kits are also wonderful gifts for any occasion. Even your kids will have fun planting these wonderful plants.


Growing a garden is not as complicated as most of us think. All the plants need is enough sunshine, water and lots of love in order to grow healthy. But if you are still in doubt that growing a plant is easy, you can start with the outdoor herb garden kits. The outdoor herb garden kits such as Tomato Takeover Foodie Garden Seed Kit and Herbs of Tuscany Herb Kit include instructions which are easy to follow. The best thing about these herb kits is that they do not need a lot of attention as well. So if you are busy and wants to grow a plant, the herb kits is the best for you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Say Yes To A Healthy Lifestyle

Health is wealth. But more often than not, we do not pay much attention to our health. Rather we find ourselves hooked into drugs, alcohol and other vices and addiction which put ourselves and our love ones at risk. We should always take care of our body. Otherwise we will end up six feet underground before we hit the age of 40.


Exercise, enough sleep, and eating a healthy balance diet must be observed in order to stay strong and healthy. Doing all these is probably hard for most of us since we are too busy with work. Fortunately, there are different exercise equipment which are made available for our convenience. Then there are also herb garden kits such as Edible Flower Kit – Pansy, Herbs of Tuscany Herb Kit and Tomato Takeover Foodie Garden Seed Kit which can help us achieve a healthy body and a sound mind. These herb garden kits are perfect for indoor and outdoor gardening as they do not need too much attention. They can also be a wonderful ornament especially the Large Herb Garden in Bamboo Container. Most importantly, if you are hungry, the beautiful pansies, an edible flower, can be a lifesaver. So having one or two of these herb kits inside your office or cubicle can be a good thing. They do not only beautify your place but they can help you relax as well.

Most of us are guilty of abusing our body. But when are we going to say no to vices and say yes to a healthy lifestyle? We should start living a healthy lifestyle starting now before it is too late. Sadly, this means no more cheat days. With determination and hard work, I am sure that we can achieve a healthy mind and body. And perhaps a beautiful body to die for?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Living A Healthy Lifestyle With Herb Garden Kits

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. I often wonder how some people were able to manage it. That's because I have tried it many times and every time. I failed. The truth is exercising, eating a healthy balance diet and avoiding all those sweets and greasy dishes are in fact more stressful than just living an "unhealthy" lifestyle. I am sure that many can relate to this.

Herb kits.png

However, no matter how frustrating it is, I know that we have to try harder. I cannot do much about working out but I have to try eating healthy and organic dishes. It helps that we have outdoor herb garden kits such as Herbs of Tuscany Herb Kit, Edible Flower Kits and Peppers Foodie Garden Seed Kit which we use to spice up the dishes. These herbs and edible flowers are does not only make delicious gourmet dishes but they are also effective medicines. As we all know herbs such as basil, oregano and sage have medicinal attributes which can cure if not prevent certain diseases. They are also much better than taking synthetic medicines because they are organic and fresh. But what I like most about these outdoor herb garden kits especially the edible flower kits is that they are effective in losing weight. You can make a delicious garden salad with these edible flower kits. It may taste funny at first but eventually you will get the hang of it. I only hope that this time, I can last longer than three weeks compared to my last try.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Outdoor Garden Gifts For Your Loveones

Giving gifts every Christmas is a common tradition which is practiced by many Christians every 25th of December. It does not matter how much the gift is, just as long as the gift is given wholeheartedly. It also matters when the gift is personally made or it has your personal touch. More often than not, the things that matter most are those which gifts which are those which are not bought in the mall or any expensive stores  but are those which we made our selves such as a simple greeting card, a handcrafted cellphone holder or even a personalized shirt.

Other than these, one of the best gifts to give this Christmas day are plants. Plants as we all know symbolize a new beginning, a stronger bond and growing relationship. Plants also mean a promising future ahead of you. It explains why giftable outdoor herb garden gifts such as the Basil Seed Kit in Bamboo Container, Outdoor Tree - Dwarf Mountain Goji Berry, and Large Herb Garden in Bamboo Container are quite popular these days. These outdoor herb garden gifts are perfect gifts for all occasions. They can be a beautiful decoration indoors and outdoors. But they will look more wonderful in the kitchen especially the Large Herb Garden in Bamboo Container. This particular outdoor herb garden gift is my favorite choice as it includes all my favorite herbs which are basil, oregano and parsley.

As the famous line goes, "It doesn't matter how little a gift costs; what is important is the feeling or thoughtfulness that the giver is expressing." Thus we should cherish each gift we receive regardless if we like the gift or not. Besides it is not everyday that we receive a gift from someone.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Board And Batten Shutters For The Protection And Beauty Of Our Home

Man seeks things which are pleasing to the eyes. It is one of the reasons why we would do all we can to look pretty not for other people's eyes but for our own as well. Some of us would even buy beautiful branded clothes and accessories which are way beyond our budget just for the sake of looking good. Narcissistic as it may sound but it is human nature to want to look our best at all times. It boosts our confidence and most importantly it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Other than the beautiful clothes and accessories we wear, we also take pride and joy in having a beautiful home. We would adorn it with art pieces, flowers, pictures anything that will make it as pretty as it can be. But we should not only decorate it, we should also ensure that we are safe in our home. Fortunately, some things are not just pretty but can be useful as well just like the board and batten exterior shutters. The board and batten shutter plans were used for protection first before they were discovered to have an aesthetic value. These exterior shutters were used to protect our homes from burglars and from bad weather conditions. But unlike the board and batten wood shutters used by our forefathers, the present designs are far more durable. They do not split or crack as well. This is some beautiful wood work that we want to decorate and protect our home.

Those beautiful expensive clothes and accessories may bring us beauty and joy but only temporarily. Investing in our home sounds reasonable though. It is only right that we should keep our home well-maintained and in order at all times. It is not just for pride alone but for our security as well. After all, our house is our legacy to our children.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Plants Are Perfect Gifts


Most of us wait for the last minute before shopping for gifts for our love ones. Christmas shopping rush may probably save us a lot of money because of the bargains and discounts every store offers. But is it worth all the trouble of being mugged? Perhaps yes if the money is tight. But it is still not enough reason to risk your life. Besides not all gifts is expensive. You can either make your own gift or better yet grow your own gift.

Gifts do not need to be expensive. Our loveones appreciate it more if the gift we give them is either personalized or we did it ourselves rather than buy it from a shop. One of these wonderful gifts and the best appreciated gifts are plants. But if you have problems growing plants, there are giftable herb kits or outdoor herb garden kit available in several flower shops or garden shops. The outdoor herb garden kit is such as the Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Box is a perfect gift for our loveones. This outdoor herb garden kit is easy to grow even to those who has no experience in gardening. This can be a great gift to our kids as well. This will teach them not only to appreciate plants but also to be patient and focus.

Instead of joining the Christmas  rush shoppers it is practical and wise to do your shopping as early as today. Our loveones appreciate it more when we are safe and sound. If you are quite addicted to Christmas rush shopping then it is best to do it online. I am sure that there are several online stores which offer discounts and bargains too at the comfort of your home. If you don't have a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone to do your online shopping, you can try ordering over the phone. Order flowers, plants, or herb kits they can last forever.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gardening Made Easy With Herb Kits

Growing your own food is never fun unless you have the passion and dedication for it.  It requires your time and hard work. However to those who have a way with plants, growing food is a blessing and a privilege. They do not only enjoy freshly picked vegetables, fruits and herbs but they can earn and save a lot of money as well. It is quite amazing how they can grow any plant regardless if it is on the ground or container. Such gift is wonderful and must be shared. Thus giving birth to Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits.

Herb garden kits such as Terracotta Organic Sprouting Kit - Italian Arugula made gardening easy for young and old alike. These herb kits gave everyone an easy access to fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. With this giftable Terracotta Organic Sprouting Kit - Italian Arugula and other herb kits, you can have all the herbs you need for your favorite pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes in your kitchen. This herb kit is also a perfect gift to our love ones, friends and colleagues who are into gardening and cooking. This is also wonderful gift for the kids. They can start gardening an early age with the help of this herb kit.

According to Alfred Austin, "The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul." It is true that gardening is the most rewarding hobby of all. It does not only bring food to our table but it also beautifies our surrounding. It also teaches focus, self-confidence and patience. Gardening is also known to be a great stress reliever. So if you are under stress or if you have problems, try gardening. It helps!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Herb Kits Make A Wonder Gift

Plants, ornamental or not, are nature's gift to us. They are vital to our existence. They were created not only to provide us food, shelter and medicine but also bring color to this world. They make this world beautiful and a wonderful place to live in. With its beauty, plants bring us happiness and soothes our tired soul. This explains why majority of us has a plant or a garden at home. This is also the reason why plants make a very good gift in every occasion such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, housewarming parties and valentines' day to name a few.

Just a few days ago, mom received a wonderful gift from one of her former students as an advance Christmas gift. She must have heard of my moms collection of  Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits. But unlike the other herb garden kits she has, the Amaryllis Red Bulbs gift set is quite a beauty. It is packed in a recycled steel box which serves as its container and the lid as the water saucer. This herb kit will make a wonderful decoration in the living room. We can't wait until the Amaryllis blooms. I wish that it will bloom just in time for the Christmas season. With the bright red color of its flowers, I am sure that the Amaryllis Red Bulbs gift will make a wonderful centerpiece.

The more flowers, trees, vegetables and herbs we plant, the more we bring beauty and happiness to this world. Plants never stop to make our lives better. I am grateful that there are people who came up with great ideas of bringing these plants to our lives in either big or small packages just like my mom's herb kits. Herb kits make it easy for all of us to have a garden a home. They also make it easy for us to share this joy of having plants to everyone.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Large Herb Garden in Bamboo Container For Your Collection

Gardening is known to be the most gratifying or rewarding hobby. Having a garden in your own yard or inside your home promotes positivity. It relaxes the mind. That's because plants have a way of making people smile. I suppose that is one of the reasons why they were created. They do not only beautify our environment, they are also provide us with oxygen and most especially, food on our table. Plants also bring comfort to a tired soul.

Plants can be a perfect gift as well. The smile on my mom's face when I gave her the Large Herb Garden in Bamboo Container is priceless. She just adores herb kits especially the Large Herb Garden in Bamboo Container. This is the first herb kit she received which includes a container and it is not just any container. The bamboo container is made from natural materials and is handcrafted by only the expert artisan.

The new herb kit will make a wonderful addition to her vast collection of herb kits. She had the new herb kit displayed in her kitchen along with her other herb kits. But the The beauty and uniqueness of this Large Herb Garden in Bamboo Container definitely stands out. Any garden enthusiast will be taken by this lovely herb kit. The best thing about this herb kit other that it is easy to grow is that in a few months it will be ready for harvest.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Start Your Own Garden With Recycled Bottle Seedling Kit

Gardening is the most relaxing and stress relieving hobby. It is not surprising that many of us are quite passionate about it. Everything about gardening is good. It is very rewarding You do not only help in the propagation of plants. It also gives you pleasure from the time you sow those seeds until the time you reap what you had sown. In addition, you do not only get to eat freshly pick fruits and vegetables, you can also earn from it.
When someone is passionate about gardening, not even a limited space can stop them from not owning a garden. They would always find a way to ensure that their home or office is not without a garden or even a plant. Some would use terrariums to plant their favorite herbs, flowers or vegetables. Others use window boxes. While some would recycle water bottles. It is quite amazing using these water bottles for your garden at home. I also found some herb kits which use recycled water bottles as plant container. The Recycled Bottle Seedling Kit is a very convenient way of starting your own garden. It is also a perfect gift in any occasion. I am planning to give one of these Recycled Bottle Seedling Kit  to my niece who will be celebrating her eighth birthday this coming September 18th. I am sure she will be thrilled since she had shown some interest in gardening at a very young age. It is time that she has her own garden.
It is not too late to start your own garden. The herb kits can make a good jump start. If you have no planters or pots to plant your vegetable then you can recycle water bottles. This is hitting two birds with one stone. You are not only help in the propagation of plants. You are also helping in the reduction of garbage.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Food For The Soul
Flowers has been a great source of pleasure and happiness to many. Its beauty does not only bring a smile to anyone, it also relieves our stress. I am sure that majority of us give flowers to our loved ones to cheer them up especially after a bad day. They bring color to our offices, hospitals and our homes. They can also make a perfect gift in any occasion. It is hard to picture the world without them. Everything will definitely look dull and boring.

However, some flowers such as nasturtiums and pansies are not only beautiful to look at. Studies show that these flowers are also a great ingredient to our garden salads. These edible flowers are perhaps too beautiful to be eaten. But they are also too tasty not to.  Nasturtiums and pansies are also known to have healing properties which were used to heal colds and other respiratory and skin diseases. These are among the reasons why mom keeps a collection of Edible Flower Kit - Pansy and Edible Flower Kit - Nasturtiums in the house and the storage. It seems that every part of the house has either pansies or nasturtiums along with the other growing herb kits. The window boxes and flower pots are also full of these wonder plants. I was not surprised when she showed me her very own living wall of nasturtiums and pansies.

These wonder plants never cease to amaze me. God created them not only to bring us happiness or to cheer us up. They are also created to provide us food and medicine. It would definitely be a great place if we have flowers everywhere. They are food for the soul.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Plants Are Perfect Gifts

Giving someone a gift on a special occasion is natural thing to do. We give them a present to let them know that we care and we remember. There are also times that we give a present in exchange of a favor. But more often than not,  we give presents because we want to please the person who receives it. We may have different reasons why we give someone a present. But one thing is for sure, if the person who receives the gift is happy, we are happy too. Just like what  Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n said, “Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.”. 

More often than than when we give someone we love or value a present, we give a little part of ourselves. We wanted to be remembered through our gifts. It is mainly the reason why we have to be satisfied and happy with the gift first before giving it to someone we cherished. We do not give them just any gift. It has to be something special and unique just like the living wall on my mom's kitchen wall. The living wall is nothing ordinary. There is not many people who has this kind of decoration in their living room or kitchen. I gave all my efforts to grow those herbs on the living wall. It may have its own reservoir, but I see to it that it does not run out of water. I watched it grow everyday and made sure that it is free from diseases. I read all books about gardening to ensure that I give proper care to container plants. Seeing how beautiful, unique and useful they are, I am sure that anyone who receives it will be thrilled just like how my mom was thrilled when I gave her my first living wall project.

Gifts must not be always be bought by money. Most people appreciate it more if we made the gift with our bare hands. Hardwork and effort add value to the gift. Gifts must not always be expensive as well. The most important thing is that it came from our heart.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fresh Herbs For Our Favorite Italian Dish
Spaghetti has been an all time favorite dish. Young and old alike love this Italian dish. It is oftentimes prepared during special occasions such as birthdays and christening. It is not only delicious it is also good for our health. However, to those who want to lose weight, this dish should be avoided. According to carlorieking(dot)com, a regular spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce contains 970 calories. But to those who do not care much about their weight, eating spaghetti will definitely appease your hunger. 

Each and every family has their own spaghetti recipe. Each spaghetti recipe has its own twist. Each recipe is delicious in its own way. But for me, my brothers cooking is the best. Unfortunately I never learned how to prepare this. All I know is that whenever my brother cooks this dish, he makes sure that all the ingredients are fresh especially the herbs and spices. It helps that we have several herb window boxes and a green wall full of herbs to provide fresh herbs for his cooking. The herbs harvested from the window boxes and green walls are all free from inorganic substances since we are only using worm castings and other worm fertilizers. Even our neighbors buy fresh herbs from us because aside from they are free from organic fertilizers, they are also healthy and free from chemical smell.

I never learned how to cook spaghetti or any other dishes at all. My brother taught me plenty of times how to cook his very own recipe but I never learned. It is unfortunate that I have to wait for him for several months before I could taste his very own spaghetti recipe again. The only thing that I could do while I wait for his next vacation is make sure that the herbs he uses for his recipe are healthy all the time. I also started planting tomatoes and other vegetables in case he has a new recipe in mind.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Health Wonders Of Nasturtiums And Pansy

Plants have been the favorite ornament and gift since the time of Adam and Eve. Our forefathers would use these plants to adorn their body as well as their homes. They do not only promote clean air. They are also use to reduce carbon dioxide which is bad for our health. They  have a cooling effect to our environment as well. They are a great stress reliever and they inspire creativity. Most importantly, they promote healing and happiness which explains why we give plants when someone we love is sick.

Plants are not only use as an ornament. Flowering plants such as pansy and nasturtiums are also use as food and medicine. The Nasturtiums for example, is a great source of Vitamin C. The leaves are known as a natural antibiotic which helps cure sore throat, bladder problems, colds, flu and even bronchitis. Its leaves and flowers are also use to cure scurvy, a disease cause by the deficiency of Vitamin C and blood disorder. Pansies on the other hand, are known to treat epilepsy. Just like nasturtiums, it is also also use to treat bladder and respiratory problems. In addition, pansy is use to prevent high blood pressure. It also prevents heart attacks if consumed regularly.

These great benefits of beautiful plants explain why my mom, encourages us not only to eat nasturtiums and pansy but also to plant them. Her garden is full of these colorful and edible plants. She also has several seed starting kits which she loves to give away as a gift. The seed starting kits of these wonder plants are quite easy to grow. Even my nieces and nephews have started their own garden from these seed starting kits. I have also started my green wall because of these seed starting kits.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My First Living Wall

Gardening has been a passion and a hobby for many. It is also a great stress reliever. However, I have never truly appreciated gardening until recently. It is known among my family and friends that I have not kept a single plant alive before. It was quite frustrating for I really wanted to have my own garden just like my siblings. For sometime I stopped trying and instead pretended to grow "plants" in the form of faux plants or artificial plants. The artificial plants look real enough but they know better. Anyhow, the artificial plants were a perfect substitute for the real ones. They are maintenance free as they do not need watering and most importantly they do not wither. All they need is dusting and they are all fine.

However, there is nothing more gratifying than growing your own garden. Watching them grow day by day is somewhat fulfilling. Most of the fruits and vegetables served on our table came from the garden in our yard. Unlike me, my parents and siblings have no trouble growing any plant. I am grateful that they never stopped encouraging me to grow my own garden. They provided me with Herb Kits & Seed Starting Kits which were hard to grow at first. I lost count of the number of Herb Kits & Seed Starting Kits which all withered in my hands. This was before I found the DIY living wall kit.

The Herb Kits & Seed Starting Kits and living wall kit have greatly helped me start my own garden. The DIY living wall kit has ten planting cells, a watering tank and a moisture mat which made it easy for me to grow my own garden. For sometime, I had some doubts that those herbs I planted would not last a month. However, as I watched them thrive on my wall everyday, I have been hopeful that all these plants will be fine. I was right. Now, my mom, has been using those herbs I planted from the living wall kit to cook our favorite dishes. It seems that I have done something right, finally.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Garden Salad For Your Palate

Staying physically fit and healthy is perhaps easy to some people. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work to achieve such a great and healthy body. According to health buffs, all we need is to exercise regularly. Exercise does wonders to our body. Regular exercise helps in our blood circulation. It also makes us strong and most especially, it give us a beautiful and well toned body. But healthy living is not all about exercise alone. We also need to eat the right kind of food. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes a herculean effort. I have no problems going to the gym. But controlling what I eat is quite a huge problem for me. I love to eat. But my definition of food does not include vegetables. My mom and I always have a fight when I was little because I do not to eat vegetables. It is either I don't eat my favorite dishes which do not include vegetables or I don't eat at all. I may sound like a brat but I am not the only person who does not like vegetables. I thought I can get away from these scary vegetables forever. But I know I greatly need these as a preventive measure against stroke and heart attack.

Thankfully, my mom was easy on me. She prepared a great garden salad for starters. The garden salad is quite a beauty because of the edible flowers in it. But the only flower I can recognize is the pansy. It explains why mom has a collection of Edible Flower Kit - Pansy in her kitchen. It also explains why she had a huge garden of pansy in the backyard. It is either the pansy and the other edible flowers or the tasty salad dressing but I love the garden salad. For starters, it is one of the best tasting salad I ever tasted. Mom, was pleased that finally, I ate her garden salad without a fight. She even gave me two Edible Flower Kit - Pansy so I could have my own pansy garden at home. This is a good start for a healthy lifestyle and I wish I could keep it up.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Sister-In-Laws Home Library


I definitely had a good time at my sister-in-laws place. It may have been such a short holiday but it had somehow revived and relaxed me. I wish we could visit their place again anytime this week. I just love everything about their place. I love their garden. Her mom has various collection of orchids which I have never seen before. She also have several herbs and spices planted on window boxes which adorns their windows. Aside from their garden, I also spent most of my time in their library. They have a huge collection of garden books, encyclopedias, and novels. In fact, she lent me a couple of her garden books. She must have took pity of me after I mentioned how many times I failed trying to grow a single plant before.

One of the garden books she lent me is Window Boxes Indoors & Out. This great book will definitely help me in my gardening. It has information on how to grow different types of plant and when and where is the perfect time to grow it. It also include several tips on how to properly care for plants especially the ones planted in the container. Had I read this garden book  before, none of the plants I had planted would have "died" in my hands. In addition, this book is also entertaining. It contains a lot of colorful photographs of the different plants. Even my two year old niece love it.

I know I had a lot to learn about gardening. I need to read several gardening books so no plants would die in my hands ever. This book gave me an inspiration to have my own collection of outdoor and indoor plants. Fortunately, my sister-in-law's mom is willing to give me some of her plants especially the orchids. I could not wait for our next visit.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Belated Housewarming Gift

My sister-in-law surprised me yesterday with a belated housewarming gift and a peace offering. She was not able to make it during the house warming party because she has been called home to take care of her father who was sick at that time. She just arrived yesterday with good news that her dad is well. However, she will be leaving again with my niece and brother the day after tomorrow to celebrate her mother's birthday. I am just please that she made time to visit me just to give me my present.
Her housewarming gift was a beautiful Square Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers with Keychain. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It reminds me of the gift I gave to my cousin on her housewarming party which was a  Dino Foot Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers. This Square Terrarium is also filled with multicolored dried flowers. However, unlike the Dino Foot Terrarium, this Square Terrarium is much smaller. I can placed it on my desk or I can use it as a paperweight.  I love the  unique key chain mini terrarium especially. It is also filed with light green dried flowers which are really cute. I can carry it anywhere I go.

Receiving a Square Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers with Keychain brings back old memories. The last time I received a key chain was during my high school days. My sister-in-law may have seen my collection of keychains.  Otherwise she may have given me something else. It is quite thoughtful of her to give me something for my collection of keychains. Maybe I will start collecting again.