Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Decorate Your House With Hanging Globes For Thanksgiving Day

We are all busy preparing for Thanksgiving Day which is only a few hours away. Soon, our tables will be filled with the abundance of food to be shared with everyone. Our homes will also be filled with our love ones especially with those who have been away for a long time and decided to come home just to be with us even for a day. I am sure that everybody will definitely enjoy the party we have prepared for their homecoming.

Aside from preparing for the food which will be shared with everyone, we also need to make sure that our house is ready for the party. It is Thanksgiving Day so it is important that our house is not only clean and neat but it should also be beautiful. Hanging globe terrariums with air plants will look perfect in the living room windows as well as the kitchen windows.  It gives the room some spunk. I love them the first time I saw these glass terrariums online. So I decided to buy them. Even the kids adores them especially the 5 inched Double Hook Hanging Bubble Terrarium which hangs on their bedroom door. Moreover, we also need to have our backyard or front yard ready for the barbecue. Surely, everybody will be partying until sundown. We should not forget to double check the bulbs of the exterior wall lights and garden lights or landscape lights because some may not be working well. It is important that the whole place is properly lit not only to prevent accidents but to give the place a cozy atmosphere. 

Preparing our house for the party can be tiresome. But it does not matter as long as everybody will enjoy the party. Besides it is Thanksgiving Day. We have a lot of things to thank for.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gift Shopping For Our Loveones

We always find a reason to give gifts to our love ones. It is our innate nature to give and to receive. More often than not, we are more pleased whenever we give something to our love ones which makes which makes them happy. In general, the price tag of the gift does not matter to them. The most important thing is that they are remembered. They know in their hearts that they are loved and cherished.

However, to the giver, giving the best gift and the most expensive ones matters. They would save their hard earned money whenever they can so they can buy the things which will please the people who will be receiving their gifts. Others would wait for Black Friday, a Friday after Thanksgiving Day, which is going this coming November 29th and risk their neck just to shop.  Who wouldn’t? It is the only day that participating shopping stores like Macy’s put all their goods such as a Victoria Townsend Diamond Bracelet at a very low price. But, with the magic of technology, there is no need for us to risk our necks just to shop for gifts. We can now shop using your laptop, desktop computer, or smart phones just as long as there is an internet connection and have the items deliver straight to our doorsteps or better yet deliver it to the address of your love ones.

We all cherish the gifts we receive. It does not matter if the gift cost a fortune or not. But more often than not, we value the gift especially when they are personalized or are unique such as decorative lanterns or terrariums which they can use all the time. If they love gardening, Whimsical Ceramic Mushrooms, Seed Kits and other garden gifts will surely thrill them. We should remember that all the things we thought are important to our love ones may not be as important as we thought. Just like what Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “the greatest gift is a portion of thyself.”

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Celebrating Christmas

A few more days to go and it is already Christmas. Have you started decorating your home for Christmas? Are you finished with your shopping for Christmas presents for your love ones? To some it is too early to start decorating your home for the holiday season. But in some parts of the world, people have begun decorating their homes with colorful and glittering Christmas decorations such as Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees, decorative lights or Christmas lights, and Christmas stockings as early as September. Even business owners have adorned their commercial space and offices with different Christmas decorations to join in the celebration. You can also hear Christmas songs playing in some radio stations.

Christmas may not be celebrated by everyone. But to the faithful followers of Jesus Christ, Christmas time is a season which we all look forward. It is a time where every member of the family, friends and relatives gather for a midnight meal and hear mass together. It is also a great time exchanging gifts with your love ones. Moreover, it is also a time where everyone wishes good tidings to everyone they meet on the street regardless if they are strangers or not. I really do not care if it is way too early for Christmas but we also started decorating our home in preparation for Christmas.

Some may say that it is not the exact birthday of Our Redeemer. We all know that but it does not matter if it is His real birthday or not, we are still celebrating because it made us all feel good and blessed. In addition, the mere thought of celebrating His birthday gives us a sense of peace and pride. It also give us a sense of happiness knowing that He came down from heaven to save us all.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Decorative Laterns As Gifts For Christmas

A few more days to go and it is already Christmas time. To those who still believe in the Spirit of Christmas, we look forward to lavishing the people we care about with gifts which will remind them of us whenever they look at the gift. We are always looking for a unique type of gift such as personalized items or those gifts which we made ourselves. However, because of our busy schedule it is kind of impossible for us to get our hands on personalizing the gift for our love ones. Instead we choose gifts which are not so common and yet will surely leave a great impression to the person or persons who will be receiving the gift.

Garden gifts such as the decorative indoor and outdoor lanterns and terrariums or glass globes, gift certificates of their favorite stores or clubs, or a potpourri our love one’s favorite things will definitely make a great present. For this coming Christmas I am planning to give my mom a decorative lantern. Recently, she has been collecting different types of lanterns to adorn our living room and garden. I am sure that she will be pleased with the decorative lantern especially with the Oxford Garden Lantern, Victorian Table Lantern and the Boston Sconce Candle Holder which I found online. Either of them will make a wonderful and unique gift for her collection. I already asked my cousin who is great with plants to enclose my mom’s favorite ornamental plant. That will please her even more.

We always say that it is the thought that counts every time we give and receive a gift from someone especially from the people we value the most. However, we should not leave it like that. It really matters if the present we are giving or receiving is not just any present which can be bought anywhere. It should be something that will make the giver and the receiver smile every time they see or thought of it.