Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Time People! Time To Plant

We already seen how winter snow melts into the earth for the past few months. We feel the brisk March wind already and it is time for us to prepare our plant seeds and sharpen our garden tools. It is time to dig and build our own paradise.

The soil is now ready to till and it is the perfect time to avoid soil compact especially when spring rain comes. Plants love to grow on cultivated ground where air spaces are in between soil particles. It is said that this is the soil condition that the plants can grow at its best. So I think soil preparation is very essential at this time.

While preparing the soil for your plants. It is also best to prepare your plants before hand. The video I uploaded from expert village will show how you can prepare your plants before planting them in the garden.

So when is the right time for you to transfer your plants?

Many gardeners and experts suggest that when the plants have roots and have leaves already, it is the best time for them to nurse them to their permanent location.

Indeed, there are so many tips and suggestions you can rely into but I personally suggest that it is best for you to have it the way you want it to be. Any help will just come to you when you need it, from friends, gardeners alike and through internet. 

Enjoy The Spring Everybody!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hanging Terrarium As A Housewarming Gift

Man is a social being. We cannot live in isolation for a long period of time. Otherwise, we will end up crazy. Just as the famous saying goes, no man is an island. Although there are some people who can live by himself, but it may have took them a lot of effort to stay sane. That is why we surround ourselves with the friends and love ones. We need them for our sanity’s sake. But aside from our friends and love ones we also need our neighbors.

Our neighbors are like our second family. Some of them are bothersome while others can drive you insane. But eventually, everything works out fine. Therefore it is important that we should learn to give them importance. We do not need to be necessarily overly friendly with them. However, I do not think it will hurt if you welcome your neighbor in your home especially when you are new in the neighborhood or you welcome your new neighbor in your neighborhood. I admit I am not one of the friendliest in town and I am having problems blending in with other people. But somehow that has changed after being welcomed wholehearted in my new neighborhood. That happened ten years ago when I started in college. I was sad and lonely after being away from my family and friends for the 
first time.
But thankfully, they gave me one of the best housewarming parties. They gave me plants in hanging glass terrariums as housewarming gifts. That was the first time I received plants in hanging glass terrariums as gifts. They are one of the treasured gifts I have so far. Not only that these hanging terrarium globes made my new home look less empty, they also remind me of home where we are surrounded with different types of indoor and outdoor ornamental and flowering plants . This had somehow eased the loneliness I felt during my first few months in my new environment. Whenever I missed home at that time, I just looked at the hanging glass terrariums which I hanged near the window. 

According to Hesiod, “a bad neighbor is as great a calamity as a good one is a great advantage.” Thankfully I have such good neighbors. Otherwise I would not have survived my college years in my new environment. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My School Project: Canadian Sugar Maple Tree

Teaching our kids to value nature is one of the best gifts that we could give them and the next generations. It is important that they know the importance of nature to our existence because by doing so we teach them how to respect even the smallest living creature in this planet. It is also one way of teaching them to be kind to one another. It will also teach them how to be patient. On the other hand, it is also our way of giving back to nature all the benefits we have received after all this time.
I used to think that planting trees and gardening are just a mere school projects which I need to comply in order to pass. I was not happy about it since I am not very good with plants. It is not because I do not know how to care enough but it is because I was not born with it. It is kind of ironic that I do not know how to keep my plants alive when I was raised in the farm. I have to put a lot of effort every time I plant an herb, a tree, or any other decorative plants. But somehow I was able to grow Canadian Sugar Maple trees in our small backyard.

The Canadian Sugar Maple trees were initially my school project. I tried growing this tree in a container. The first Canadian Sugar Maple bonsai tree I had only lasted for three months. I never tried to make a bonsai out of it again. Instead I planted several Canadian Sugar Maple trees in our backyard. I was taught that this tree prefers deep, rich and moist soil. It also grows best in well-drained soil. In spite of talent in “murdering plants” I was able to raise this maple tree to maturity. Thankfully, after 10 years, my maple tree is still standing tall. We have also been enjoying its maple syrup. In return, my niece and I planted several more Canadian Sugar Maple trees in the yard.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Container Gardening: Ideal For Small Spaces

Gardening is probably not for everyone especially for a brown thumb like me. I am among those people who are not supposed to grow plants as it is only a waste of time and effort. But as the proverbial phrase goes if there's a will there's a way. I was able to grow vegetables, herbs and other plants in our backyard with the help of the people around me. Reading books, joining forums and watching videos about gardening also helps.

My first successful gardening project in our backyard gave me enough confidence to try container gardening again in my new studio type apartment. My first attempt in container gardening was a total failure as all of the plants in the container withered.  I have to read lots of container gardening books to check which plants are alright for container gardening. I also asked for the advice and opinions of several gardening enthusiasts whom I met from the forums in regards to container gardening. I was advised that the best planter for container gardening are fiberglass flower pots since they are well known for their durability. The fiberglass flower pots such as the Orchard Hill 30" Bowl Planters are also popular for its optimized aeration and drainage which every gardening enthusiast are looking for. These types of planters are perfect for the Herb Kits & Seed Starting Kits which I received from my parent during my recent birthday. I only wish they are also equipped with self-irrigating system if in case I forget to water the plants in the container.
Whoever said that growing a garden in a studio type apartment is not possible, has not tried container gardening yet? It was difficult at first but I have high hopes that new gardening project will be a success just like my first backyard gardening project. I will also plant various herbs and vegetables in the fiberglass flower pots and planters to save money. If this project becomes successful, I will have freshly picked vegetables and herbs everyday. This also means I do not need to run to the grocery store or convenience store if in case I need the vegetables and herbs since I have them in my own home. That would be very convenient for me. I believe this is what they meant by reaping the fruits of your labor in a literal way.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gardening Books For Newbies And Brown Thumbs

Growing and keeping a plant alive can be hard for any newbies and brown thumbs like me. Without the assistance of the people around me, I do not think I would be able to grow my own garden and keep them alive for a long time. They are the reasons why the plants in our backyard are growing healthily. They are the ones who are giving me good advices on how to grow the plants in the garden. It is just unfortunate, that they left me on my own. They said I am already good in handling the plants in the yard and I can manage the garden without their assistance anymore. But no matter how they assure me that I can handle everything in the garden, I am still not confident.
Knowing how they doted on the plants on the yard, I did everything I could to make them help me once again. I even blackmailed them that the plants will die in my care without their assistance. But they kept their ground in letting me take care of everything in the yard. Somehow they took pity on me by leaving me several books about gardening and plants. The gardening books which they gave me include Gardening For Dummies®, Square Foot Gardening, Gardening from Scratch, and American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants.

The gardening books which they gave me are informational. They are great books for newbies and experts alike. The books include all the basic information needed for a newbie like me.  It also includes some gardening tips on how to properly care for the plants especially The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants. This particular gardening book includes all the plants I could think of. It also includes colorful illustrations of the different plants with their names, descriptions, habitat, and geographical origin. But what I like best about this gardening book is that it provides some advice on what to do about the pests and diseases of the plants. With these gardening books in my hands, I hope that I will be able keep these plants alive and healthy.