Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Transform Your Walls With Wall Decors

Wall decorating is a great way to improve your home. From retro glam to floral flare. With little inspiration, walls can take on entirely new looks. There are 12 ways to put some "WOW" into your walls.

1. Patchwork wallpaper

You can mix and match different pattern and design of wallpaper and create your own art. Its an unexpected pattern that adds texture into a room.

2. Graphic wallpaper

Another was to patch up your wall with paper is to go pop. Graphic prints make a major statements especially you choose a single wall to cover.

3. Decoupage

If you want get that design without papering your walls? Decoupage is decorative and a simple way to do it. And inexpensive too especially you use what's around your house.

4. Letters - adds personal touch

Sometimes its a good thing to see letters in the wall. Hanging letters are fresh approach to art and you can be the artist. A bright color wall paint is best backdrop for letters.

5. Stencils

Another way to add style to your wall is with stencil. From elegant patterns to geometric prints. Choose the look and the design you like.

6. Wood

You can use wood flooring in an unexpected way. It creates an inviting and masculine space. Panels works best in the living room or study but when use in one wall, it can transform any room from cool to cozy.

7. Plates

Decorative dishes are another inventive way to dress your wall. Your favorite mismatch plates can create an elegant polish look. Before hanging lay the dishes on the floor to craft your design that you love.

8. Frames

Give your mismatch frames a makeover and turn them into their own picture. They are great alternative of hanging a mirror or a piece of art. When choosing frames, if they are not in the same color, make them all the same. Have fun with different textures and shapes.

9. Atlas

Whether your planning a trip or just fantasizing for the future, a map decor bring culture to your room. You actually buy a wallpaper of a world or our favorite state. It's a great conversation piece.

10. Magnetic Paint

 Magnetic paint is fashionable and functional. In a home office or kitchen, it is very practical. You can hang personal notes, photos or even reminders.

11. Chalkboard Paint

 A super size chalkboard calendar in the entryway is another unique look and another way to stay organized. Just jot down your schedule and you will always remember special dates.

12. Wall Art

For homes desirous of modern wall art decor that brings a sense of newness and mystique, contemporary metal wall art could be just the thing to update a living room, foyer or bedroom. Based on abstract and free form creativity, each piece of contemporary wall decor we feature is undeniably interesting to look at.

Options are endless when it comes to wall decor. I hope that these 12 easy techniques inspire to try some decorative tricks in your home. I would also recommend the wall art decors that Hooks and Lattice offer in their website, for more information just click here.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Keeping Your Window Box In Place with Deck Rail Bracket

Flower boxes can be great way to add color, charm and personality to the front of your house. Hanging and securing those flower boxes can be difficult especially when you are dealing with a brick or masonry.
Today, I'll give some steps on how to mount or secure your flower boxes.

Things you need:

1. flower box (also known as window box)
2. marker
3. deck rail brackets
4. concrete screws
5. silicon
6. safety goggles
7. screw gun
8. hammer drill

Step 1: Measure windows

Step 2: Acquire a window box
           Window boxes are available online at hooksandlattice.com. You can choose from variety of window boxes from standard to customized sizes and colors.
Step 3: Find the studs

Step 4: Transfer marks to front of window

Step 5: Find the center of the window box and mark it in the window.
Pick up your flower box, center it up under your window, like where you want it. Put a mark where you want to put your brackets.

Step 6: Drill holes in the masonry or sidings
          Put your goggles on. Drill holes where you left the mark. Make sure to keep your drill straight while drilling. Put a little silicon on top of the whole to keep water from creeping into the masonry.

Step 7: Attach  brackets.
          You can use the deck rail brackets, for more information just click here. It's adjustable and is easy to mount. Use the screw gun to put on screws to make brackets in place.

Step 8: Place your window box
         Take your window box and slide it underneath at the back of the bracket and lock it in place.

Your window box is now ready for planting. Just add compost and plants and start your little inspiration with artistry.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decora Window Box with Bronze Liner of Hooks and Lattice - Great Way To Start Your Container Gardening

I know you might be tired of the old and barren look of your garden. You are thinking of getting a new look of your garden at home. As you can see below, this is a stylish and elegant way of giving a whole brand new beauty on your garden. Having Decora Window Box with Bronze Liner of Hooks and Lattice is a precious addition to your garden. If you have this, you just need to focus how you present plants and flowers in this elegant container.

Today, I will share to you how to plant a window box. Plants such as coreopsis, cosmos, salvias and violas are perfect for your window box. The things that you need are the window box, crack clay pots (broken pots that will serve as drainage) and some swell gel water granules where you can buy these on ebay (should be mixed in compost) to help hold water in your compost. Make sure your window box has drainage holes in the base for any excess water.

The first thing you need to do is take your cracks and distribute it evenly along the base of your window box. Next thing is, put your general purpose compost (because we don't want our window box to be too heavy). Make sure that your have already mixed the swell gel to the compost. Fill out the window box with compost. Once you got your compost in the window box, gently remove the plant from its original pot. Place the plants  in the window box and push in the compost into the roots. You can use violas which are available in horticulture trade. There are many colors to choose from. Kindly arrange your flowers according to your aspect. You can tilt the flowers in a way that you can view your window box. Fill in the gaps with compost so that it will hold your plants firmly. Once you have filled your window box with the compost and your happy that the plants has a good contact with roots and compost, gently water your window box with a small sprinkler or hose but be careful not to put too much water in it.

Today we have completed the window box, a bright and great addition to any windows especially if you cannot have a garden. It's easy to plant a window box. 

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