Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Decorating Your Garden With Combined Clock Thermometer

Receiving a combined clock thermometer on my housewarming party was unexpected. I have always fancied one because the design is not only unique, it is whimsical as well. It is also very useful as it can tell the time and the temperature. When I first saw it at one of my boss' beautiful garden, I thought it was just some outdoor wall decoration. It is too beautiful to be just some outdoor wall decoration especially the Grapevine Clock and Thermometer Combo. I thought it would make a great interior wall decoration. But then again, I know it is much needed outside.

However, this combined clock thermometer is more useful in the garden. I can monitor the time and temperature when I am outside working with the plants. There are times that I get too engrossed in gardening that I forget that its time to eat. This is the main reason why I wanted this in my own garden. Besides they make a unique decoration. I suppose I am the only person in the neighborhood which has this combine clock thermometer. All my neighbor's agreed that they are indeed lovely as well as useful. I have been trying to influence them into buying one since I know that when they are working in their garden, they also forget about time and temperature.

I am halfway opening all the gifts I received for my housewarming party. I am taking my time opening each one and I am in for more surprises and fun. My close friends, relatives and my loving family really knows what to give me. They know my wants and my thoughts. I can't wait to open the next gift. I am sure it is something which I could use in the future as well just like the wonderful Grapevine Clock and Thermometer Combo.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gardening Takes Your Worry Away


Life is never easy. Everyday of our life we are bombarded with endless problems. It is also a constant battle between doing what is right and good. Thankfully, we have family and friends to call for support. They may not give us the solutions to all our problems. They may not give us all the answers we need. They may not be able to shield us from all the difficulties. But for sure they will always have a shoulder for us to cry on especially when things get really tough. Perhaps most of us is ashamed to cry. That's because we see crying as a sign of weakness. It is not. Crying is one way of releasing all the negative energies in our body. It is our body's way of unloading all the heavy baggages which keep us from moving forward. If crying our loveone's shoulder is not an option, we can always do the waterworks in the secrecy of our bedroom. It also helps if we get ourselves involve in gardening.

Gardening is also a great and effective way of unloading all the extra baggage  in our life. Through gardening, we can burrow all the the problems in the dirt. It is never easy but it is a good way to start. I must admit that most of my gardening projects were not successful. I think that's because the plants had absorbed all the negative energies in my body. Thankfully, after the successful do-it-yourself living wall kit projects, I have gained enough confidence in taking in more gardening projects at home. Recently, I have been planting Supertunia White. They were given by one of my cousins as a housewarming gift. According to my cousin, Supertunia White is a perennial plant which means they are perfect for all seasons. They are drought tolerant and they are low maintenance as well. You can plant them directly to the ground, in a container, or in a windowbox. But I am planning to plant them in the living wall kit again. All the plants I planted in the living wall kit are thriving well. Besides, it has its own reservoir which will keep the Supertunia White watered all the time.

Seeing all the plants I have sown grow everyday did wonders. It taught me how to look at the brighter side of life. I have also noticed that I am more patient now than I was before I started gardening. It gave me a sense of peace. All I can say is that I am happier now in spite of all the problems that come my way. I know I can beat them all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Safe Wall Sconces For Your Kids' Room


Grace your home with the elegant ceramic wall sconce fixtures. They are perfect in every way. They are great as an interior decoration as well as a source of illumination. If you have kids at home, these ceramic wall sconce fixtures is a perfect choice because they do not contain any harmful substance which could danger them. They are made of natural white clay which is used by potters in creating their masterpieces.

The designs of these ceramic wall sconce fixtures are also unique especially the Celestial Stars Block Sconce which I recently purchased for my niece's bedroom and bathroom. She specifically picked this design because she love anything which has stars. We just added dimmers so she could also use this as a night lamp. It is a good thing though that this ceramic lamp is also safe to use even in damp location. We definitely need this type of lighting fixtures since my niece loves to play with water. We really had a hard time looking for a lighting fixture that is water proof and is within our budget. Fortunately, we found this ceramic wall sconce fixtures.

They say it is better safe than sorry. I couldn't agree more. The safety of our kids is one of our main priorities. These days, most products sold in the market contains materials that are not safe for kids. We need to carefully check the ingredients or materials of a certain product before we hand them over to them. But there is nothing more safer than using anything organic.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Housewarming Presents

More often than not I give home garden gifts as a present. They are perfect in every way because they grow. They are beneficial to our environment as well. They don't just beautify our surroundings; they also provide us with fresh air. Plants can make anyone feel great. Besides, I always love gardening.I tried growing all types of plants in my apartment. I planted them in terrariums, flower boxes and even in old wine crates.

Unfortunately, gardening does not love me because none of the plants survived or perhaps I have been not paid close attention to them. My frustration in gardening is known to all my close friends and relatives which is why I always receive home garden gifts every time there is a special occasion.  I always receive live plants and kits such as Easter Wheat-grass Garden-in-a-Pail, Basil Seed Kit in Bamboo Container, and other Seed Starting Kits and Gifts That Grow which used to frustrate me.  Other than I was not good in growing plants because they die all the time, my space was limited. Unless I bring the plants to my parents'  place, the plants do not stand a chance of survival. But now that I have my own house with a great landscape and garden, I have more than enough space for all the home garden gifts. Besides, after successfully growing plants on the living wall kits, somehow I have gained enough confidence in planting.

I suppose the famous quote that goes the love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies is true. I will forever be looking for different means and ways to grow plants. I know that  I will still encounter failures in growing plants along the way. But these failures cannot stop me from growing plants. Besides I still have my friends and my family who are always around when I need help in gardening. No worries.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hosting The Housewarming Party For The First Time

I still cannot believe that I will be hosting my own housewarming party in a few days. Even the fact that I have my own space still overwhelms me. I have sent out the invitations to my love ones and friends just a day ago for the housewarming party this coming Saturday. Some invitations where sent out using traditional mail while those who are living in another city receive theirs through email. I am not sure if they will be able to attend since I sent out the invitations in such a short notice but I am crossing my fingers that they will. 
I cannot wait to show them around in my humble abode. I am positive that they will be as surprise as I am once they catch a glimpse of my new house. The house looks like it came straight out of a postcard. I want to show them my beautiful garden as well. All the flowering plants are in full bloom and I am sure that everyone will love them especially the Supertunia Raspberry Blast. These lovely flowers look magnificent. I have a hard time growing them. Even I cannot believe that I would be able to keep them alive and healthy. I want to show them the Supertunia Raspberry Blast which I planted in the living wall planters. It will definitely surprise them that I have these plants in the living wall planters hidden away from them. Initially I was planning to give away the living wall planter filled with Supertunia Raspberry Blast last Mother's Day as a present. But I know my mom will love the one filled with herbs for her kitchen. So instead, I have her the ones with herbs and kept the one with Supertunia Raspberry Blast.

Having a garden on my wall instead of pictures is somewhat unique and convenient. It gave my living room a character of its own and it is something to brag about. They all know what a total disaster I am when it comes to garden The living wall project was like my redemption. It made gardening easy and fun since I do not worry worry them everyday. The living wall planter includes a moisture mat to keep the plants moist all the time. Now that they are in full bloom, I want to show them to everyone. This coming housewarming party is the perfect time to do it.