Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gardening, A Gratifying Hobby

Gardening has been my mom's favorite past times. She would wake up early in the morning so she could water her plants. She does this every day in spite of her busy schedule. She has a great garden with different types of flowering plants, shrubs, and other green and ornamental plants. She also takes care of herbs and spices such as ginger, garlic, oregano and onion springs.

You can say that our home looks like a jungle. We have two huge trees on the front yard. Bougainvilleas of different varieties which adorn and provide privacy to our home are planted near the gate. Several planter boxes planted with Chinese tea trees were also lined up in a row to add more green to our yard. While her garden of flowers, herbs, bushes are located in our backyard. She also takes care of several wild orchids such as the spider orchids, tiger orchids, yellow dancing ladies and several more orchids which names I am not familiar with. She bought some of these plants online while the rest are given by her colleagues, friends, students, neighbors and relatives who share her passion in gardening.

Unfortunately, I do not share her talent in gardening. I did try though. I used to have my collection of cacti. I also tried planting trees. However, they will either wilt or wither so after several tries, I gave up and leave gardening to the experts and those who are gifted with a green thumb. It is kind of ironic though since both my parents and my grandparents on both sides have green thumbs. But in spite of being a failure in gardening, I still love plants. I appreciate their importance to our lives especially the values they teach us. And just like a great quote from Linda Solegato goes, "Plants give us oxygen for the lungs, and for the soul."

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