Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Celebrating Christmas

A few more days to go and it is already Christmas. Have you started decorating your home for Christmas? Are you finished with your shopping for Christmas presents for your love ones? To some it is too early to start decorating your home for the holiday season. But in some parts of the world, people have begun decorating their homes with colorful and glittering Christmas decorations such as Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees, decorative lights or Christmas lights, and Christmas stockings as early as September. Even business owners have adorned their commercial space and offices with different Christmas decorations to join in the celebration. You can also hear Christmas songs playing in some radio stations.

Christmas may not be celebrated by everyone. But to the faithful followers of Jesus Christ, Christmas time is a season which we all look forward. It is a time where every member of the family, friends and relatives gather for a midnight meal and hear mass together. It is also a great time exchanging gifts with your love ones. Moreover, it is also a time where everyone wishes good tidings to everyone they meet on the street regardless if they are strangers or not. I really do not care if it is way too early for Christmas but we also started decorating our home in preparation for Christmas.

Some may say that it is not the exact birthday of Our Redeemer. We all know that but it does not matter if it is His real birthday or not, we are still celebrating because it made us all feel good and blessed. In addition, the mere thought of celebrating His birthday gives us a sense of peace and pride. It also give us a sense of happiness knowing that He came down from heaven to save us all.

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