Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Herb Kits Make A Wonder Gift

Plants, ornamental or not, are nature's gift to us. They are vital to our existence. They were created not only to provide us food, shelter and medicine but also bring color to this world. They make this world beautiful and a wonderful place to live in. With its beauty, plants bring us happiness and soothes our tired soul. This explains why majority of us has a plant or a garden at home. This is also the reason why plants make a very good gift in every occasion such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, housewarming parties and valentines' day to name a few.

Just a few days ago, mom received a wonderful gift from one of her former students as an advance Christmas gift. She must have heard of my moms collection of  Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits. But unlike the other herb garden kits she has, the Amaryllis Red Bulbs gift set is quite a beauty. It is packed in a recycled steel box which serves as its container and the lid as the water saucer. This herb kit will make a wonderful decoration in the living room. We can't wait until the Amaryllis blooms. I wish that it will bloom just in time for the Christmas season. With the bright red color of its flowers, I am sure that the Amaryllis Red Bulbs gift will make a wonderful centerpiece.

The more flowers, trees, vegetables and herbs we plant, the more we bring beauty and happiness to this world. Plants never stop to make our lives better. I am grateful that there are people who came up with great ideas of bringing these plants to our lives in either big or small packages just like my mom's herb kits. Herb kits make it easy for all of us to have a garden a home. They also make it easy for us to share this joy of having plants to everyone.

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