Thursday, July 12, 2012

Animal Door Knockers- Impressive Fixtures for Functional Knobs

Through the years, door knockers have been widely recognized as among the most important accessories that have valuable decorative and functional purposes. It comes in numerous designs that blend well with other existing fixtures, which are especially found at the front gate. More than that, it serves as a reflection of both visitors and strangers, which make it even more useful. These are usually fixed on any types of front door that creates wonderful appeal. Indeed, elegant and well-structured door knockers will definitely attract attention of numerous individuals at your door step. Animal door knockers are commonly used designs, which are crafted from high quality materials that help it withstand harsh weather elements. In most cases, these are hand crafted with solid brass components that work well with other types of door accessories. Both classic and modern designs have been complemented with a simple ring or rope and mounted on plate fixed to protect it from damages in the long run.

Dog door knockers come in a wide variety of dog designs, sizes and colors that would meet individuals’ needs and interest. Dog knockers vary from simple to intricate designs of dog breeds such as Labrador Retriever Dog Knockers, Yorkshire Terrier Dog Knockers, German Shepherd and Boxer Door knockers.
Each of these styles creates emphasis on unique decorative door hardware that remains to be more appealing even at a distance. Door Knockers are specifically designed from contemporary sculptural pieces that show off beauty and sophistication. These are wonderful works of arts that have been a part of historical traditions and culture. Skilled and professional artists from different parts of the world have crafted and fabricated them from a highly detailed three dimensional clay model. Each designs show off the essence of each dog breed, which gives a lasting and impressive appeal.

In addition, dog door knockers are manufactured from fine sand mixed with molten bronze, which makes it durable and versatile overtime. Each piece depicts unique and flexible dog features that become more prominent and attractive most especially when polished with a dark patina. Proper hand polishing will highlight its essential features and details. A clear polyurethane finish is finally applied, which can protect these knockers from the threat of damages and provide long years of low cost maintenance. With its importance, industries on this particular venture have developed more quality distinctive styles of door knockers to provide ultimate satisfaction to its users.

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