Monday, July 16, 2012

Decorative Door Handles -Functional and Creative Gate Hardware

Door knockers have existed for both decorative and functional purposes, which make them valuable parts of home or building applications. Most commercial businesses like restaurants, hotels and resorts have used these as ornamental door accessories, which have been integrated with electronic doorbell system. Typically, each of its styles vary from simple to intricate and elaborated designs. Small Smooth Pull Ring on Rectangular Back Plate , Square Handle Gothic Pull, Hammered Square Bar Pull Handle and Aluminum Faux Saxon Hinge are some of the popular types of door knockers, which have been useful for long years now. Each of these has its own distinctive features that serve a wide variety of purposes. The frameworks are manufactured from high quality materials that make it last for long time. These knockers can be used as decorative accents to both traditional and contemporary home and commercial fixtures. In the past and even until modern days, knockers have been considered as essential facets of architectural infrastructure.

Moreover, Small Smooth Pull Ring on Rectangular Back Plate is one of the types of decorative door handles, which are crafted from solid iron materials. It has been designed with round and plane iron bars, which can be easily pulled. Such functional hardware can be a perfect hardware on doors, gates and even closets. The back plate has neatly devised pre-drilled holes, which allow easy mounting and installation. The rectangular shaped designs have been integrated with hammered like patterns and enhanced with powder coated black finish.

Square Handle Gothic Pull on the other hand has been molded with gothic styles, which are embellished with eccentric and lovely endings. Its frameworks are smothered with black powder coatings that create an elegant finish. Moreover, you can opt for a Hammered Square Bar Pull Handle to promote a rustic or vintage look. You can as well add Aluminum Faux Saxon Hinge-Pair to make your garage door more functional. It fashions the look of an authentic swinging gate, which adds fascination and charm. It has been made available in numerous ornate styles that will surely make a dramatic impression to every garage door. More than that, it can be customized to almost any sizes, which can meet varying needs and interest. Each framework has been manufactured from durable cast aluminium that protects it from rust and other threat of damages. Indeed, with these iron door handles, you can ultimately enjoy a beautiful transformation on your door or garage.

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