Friday, April 26, 2013

Keeping Your Window Box In Place with Deck Rail Bracket

Flower boxes can be great way to add color, charm and personality to the front of your house. Hanging and securing those flower boxes can be difficult especially when you are dealing with a brick or masonry.
Today, I'll give some steps on how to mount or secure your flower boxes.

Things you need:

1. flower box (also known as window box)
2. marker
3. deck rail brackets
4. concrete screws
5. silicon
6. safety goggles
7. screw gun
8. hammer drill

Step 1: Measure windows

Step 2: Acquire a window box
           Window boxes are available online at You can choose from variety of window boxes from standard to customized sizes and colors.
Step 3: Find the studs

Step 4: Transfer marks to front of window

Step 5: Find the center of the window box and mark it in the window.
Pick up your flower box, center it up under your window, like where you want it. Put a mark where you want to put your brackets.

Step 6: Drill holes in the masonry or sidings
          Put your goggles on. Drill holes where you left the mark. Make sure to keep your drill straight while drilling. Put a little silicon on top of the whole to keep water from creeping into the masonry.

Step 7: Attach  brackets.
          You can use the deck rail brackets, for more information just click here. It's adjustable and is easy to mount. Use the screw gun to put on screws to make brackets in place.

Step 8: Place your window box
         Take your window box and slide it underneath at the back of the bracket and lock it in place.

Your window box is now ready for planting. Just add compost and plants and start your little inspiration with artistry.

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