Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decora Window Box with Bronze Liner of Hooks and Lattice - Great Way To Start Your Container Gardening

I know you might be tired of the old and barren look of your garden. You are thinking of getting a new look of your garden at home. As you can see below, this is a stylish and elegant way of giving a whole brand new beauty on your garden. Having Decora Window Box with Bronze Liner of Hooks and Lattice is a precious addition to your garden. If you have this, you just need to focus how you present plants and flowers in this elegant container.

Today, I will share to you how to plant a window box. Plants such as coreopsis, cosmos, salvias and violas are perfect for your window box. The things that you need are the window box, crack clay pots (broken pots that will serve as drainage) and some swell gel water granules where you can buy these on ebay (should be mixed in compost) to help hold water in your compost. Make sure your window box has drainage holes in the base for any excess water.

The first thing you need to do is take your cracks and distribute it evenly along the base of your window box. Next thing is, put your general purpose compost (because we don't want our window box to be too heavy). Make sure that your have already mixed the swell gel to the compost. Fill out the window box with compost. Once you got your compost in the window box, gently remove the plant from its original pot. Place the plants  in the window box and push in the compost into the roots. You can use violas which are available in horticulture trade. There are many colors to choose from. Kindly arrange your flowers according to your aspect. You can tilt the flowers in a way that you can view your window box. Fill in the gaps with compost so that it will hold your plants firmly. Once you have filled your window box with the compost and your happy that the plants has a good contact with roots and compost, gently water your window box with a small sprinkler or hose but be careful not to put too much water in it.

Today we have completed the window box, a bright and great addition to any windows especially if you cannot have a garden. It's easy to plant a window box. 

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