Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is Hunger A Choice?

The lack of food and money can compel anyone to do wrong things. Surely, no one can think straight when their stomach is empty. Any good provider who in spite of his hard labor, still earns little will do anything to ensure that his family will not go hungry. He will make drastic decisions and actions or even violate the law of man just to make sure that his family is well provided. We can hardly blame the person who invented money because the truth is, it is our greed and love for power and money that creates poverty. Or is it our laziness.

A friend once asked me if I have ever been hungry. I answered yes. I was thinking how silly the question was. Then she asked me again if I have been hungry because I choose not to eat or because I have nothing to eat? Shamelessly I answered it was my choice. Then it hit me. How can I brag my hunger when others are writhing and dying because they have no food to eat? Others would even do anything just for a piece of bread. It is depressing to know that my dogs have a more decent meal compare to those who are living in the war-torn countries such as Syria. It is even more depressing while most of our food have gone to wastage, others die of hunger. I know that even if we eat all the food in our table, those people will still be hungry. However, we should learn how to appreciate these blessings. We can even do more by getting ourselves involve in solving the hunger problems in places where the scarcity of food is a huge issue. You can click the banner on the bottom page to support the World Food Programme.

Some people say that if do not want to go hungry learn how to plant. I am taking this literally. It is quite hard to plant if you are living in an arid land. However, with our current technology, it is possible. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, isn't it? For us who are living in places where there is abundance of water, we can grow plants even in a small container. We can even grow vine type vegetables or flowers in crown shaped trellises. So there is no reason why we should be hungry.

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