Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Live Plants As Gifts For Your Loveones

We all wish to be loved and wanted by the people who are important in our lives like our parents, siblings, kids, friends and love ones. These are the things that sustain us and keep us grounded. These are also the things which keep us sane and alive. In addition without the feeling of being valued or unwanted one tends to be suicidal. More often than not, they feel worthless and thus it is impossible for them to value human life as well. It seldom happens that those who lived a life being unwanted by those whom they expect to love them lead a good life and values people.

One of the things which make us feel important and valued is by receiving gifts from the people who are important to us. It is not necessarily expensive. A greeting card, a letter, flowers and even garden plants will do. Gifts which are especially created or handcrafted with our own hands deem more valuable compared to gifts which are commonly bought in stores. If we have a small flower garden at home, we can simply pick them and make a lovely bouquet of flowers and give it to our parents, grandparents or anyone we value. Or if it is really not possible for us to handcraft our gifts with our bare hands, we can give them home garden gifts such as herb kits, seed starting kits and gifts that grow, outdoor spring plants and flowers, or outdoor fall plants and flowers.

It is human nature to want and expect being love and wanted by our family and especially our love ones. It is what makes our life meaningful. Giving gifts is just a simple gesture that will let the other person know that you are acknowledging their worth as a person. A gift as simple as a bouquet of flowers or a live plant, is enough to make your love ones smile.

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