Thursday, October 3, 2013

Garden Gifts Are Great Gifts

When we were still kids we always look forward to special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. These are the special occasions in which all our family and love ones gather to celebrate with us. Moreover, it is also the time where the food is plentiful and we were allowed to eat what we want and most importantly we receive gifts. And even as we grow older we are still too excited to receive gifts. We are excited to receive gifts because we love being remembered. Gifts make us feel important. They made us feel good about ourselves especially if these gifts are those things which we really want the most. 

Garden gifts such as herbal kits, jar terrariums, pots, live plants and other garden kits are perfect gifts for garden enthusiasts and those who are just about to start their own garden. They are just as perfect gifts as the gift certificates, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets, bags, clothes, pieces of jewelry, books and pets which we often give and/or receive regardless if there is a special occasion or not. These gifts, regardless if they are expensive or not, matters, because they give significant meaning to our lives. They help us build relationships with others especially when we are successful in nurturing the live plants. In my previous blogs, I mentioned what I total failure I am when it comes to growing plants and that has not changed one bit. I am a brown thumb forever. But in spite of my failure as a gardener, I still receive garden gifts because they know how passionate I am in growing my own garden. And often times, these garden gifts are paired with faux plants if in case I fail again.

You can say giving and receiving are as important as the air we breathe. These help us grow socially. However, we do not just give any gifts. We give gifts which are significant to the recipient. But with garden gifts, gadgets, gift cards, you cannot go wrong.

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