Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Party In My Neighborhood

Everybody in my neighborhood is busy today in preparing for the Christmas party which will be held tonight in the clubhouse. This is the third time that my family will be joining them since the tradition in my neighborhood had started five years ago. I wish not go celebrate with them since I am not very good with parties. I turned down their invitation last year and the year before that they have already regarded me as a party pooper and a snob. I have my reasons. The noise and the big crowd always give me a migraine which seems to last forever which is why I try to avoid going to parties as much as possible. But I guess my excuse is no longer accepted.

Going back to the Christmas party preparation, the Homeowners Association decided to hire a catering service for the party to save everyone from a lot of work. We already did so much work in decorating the clubhouse with Christmas decorations. We have a 16 feet Fairewood pre-lit artificial Fraser fir Christmas tree with clear lights standing proudly in the center of the clubhouse stage with the gifts for everyone. The branches of the artificial Christmas tree are lifelike that anyone can mistake it for real. We all contributed in buying the Christmas tree since the association decided to cut no more trees and the 16 feet artificial Christmas tree is a perfect replacement for the real one. It is already pre-wired with lights so all we did was decorate with the other Christmas decors.

Christmas parties just like any other parties can give anyone a lot of stress. I really wish not to go but for the sake of camaraderie and Christmas spirit, I will do my best to attend. I have already set an appointment with my doctor if in case I get sick again like what happened every time there is a party.

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