Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Symbols Of Christmas

Preparing our home every Yuletide season to celebrate the birth of our Savior is always a joy to most of us. Since time immemorial, we always look forward to this time of the year. When we were kids, the season of Christmas means more gifts. It is the time where most of us are in our best behavior otherwise Saint Nicolas or Santa Claus will not give us any gifts. But as we grew older and wiser it means a time of giving back all the blessings we have received.

As adults we all know that this is not the exact birth of the Messiah. But we really do not mind. Christmas can be anytime of the year. However, it is already a tradition that we celebrate His birth every 25th of December. To prepare for his coming we adorn our homes with Christmas and holiday decorations. We always look forward to setting up the Christmas tree which is a popular symbol of Christmas. We would adorn it with Christmas balls, Christmas lights and other Christmas decorations that will make the tree of Christmas bright and lovely. Lighted branches and garlands especially the flowering Chinese lantern garland can also make a great Christmas decoration. With its’ lights that can last an average of 1000 hours it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration. In addition, a Christmas tree will not look perfect without the star of Bethlehem, an iconic symbol that guided the great Three Kings or Three Wise Men (to some) to the manger where our Savior was born.

The symbol of Christmas may differ in every country but the meaning is still the same. It is a commemoration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is why other that the great and colorful Christmas tree adorning our living room, we also decorate our home with the nativity scene which is a reminder what Christmas really means.

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