Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Food For The Soul
Flowers has been a great source of pleasure and happiness to many. Its beauty does not only bring a smile to anyone, it also relieves our stress. I am sure that majority of us give flowers to our loved ones to cheer them up especially after a bad day. They bring color to our offices, hospitals and our homes. They can also make a perfect gift in any occasion. It is hard to picture the world without them. Everything will definitely look dull and boring.

However, some flowers such as nasturtiums and pansies are not only beautiful to look at. Studies show that these flowers are also a great ingredient to our garden salads. These edible flowers are perhaps too beautiful to be eaten. But they are also too tasty not to.  Nasturtiums and pansies are also known to have healing properties which were used to heal colds and other respiratory and skin diseases. These are among the reasons why mom keeps a collection of Edible Flower Kit - Pansy and Edible Flower Kit - Nasturtiums in the house and the storage. It seems that every part of the house has either pansies or nasturtiums along with the other growing herb kits. The window boxes and flower pots are also full of these wonder plants. I was not surprised when she showed me her very own living wall of nasturtiums and pansies.

These wonder plants never cease to amaze me. God created them not only to bring us happiness or to cheer us up. They are also created to provide us food and medicine. It would definitely be a great place if we have flowers everywhere. They are food for the soul.

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