Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wall Arts And Fun In Hospitals

I never liked neither clinics nor hospitals. I am not a psychic and I do not believe in ghosts or anything supernatural but I always get the feeling of sadness every time I step into one. It may sound strange to some because I know that I should not have any negative feeling towards hospitals and clinics since these are the places where the sick is diagnosed and healed and the dying is given another chance to live. The negative vibes which I often feel whenever I step inside a hospital is probably rooted to a childhood incident when we brought my aunt to the hospital because of a second degree burn. She was doing well when they scheduled an operation to remove the burnt skin. She was pleading that if she will undergo an operation she will die. They did anyway because it is their job. Three days after the operation, she passed away. That was also the end of my dream of becoming a doctor. I also avoided the hospitals for several years. When I decided to conquer my fears, there were no more feelings of remorse and the thoughts of what could have been.

That hospital still looks the same.It looks lonely and sad when it was suppose to give hope. However there was hospitals in Australia which adopt the concept of art in the healing environments. They are the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Queensland Children’s Hospital and Mater Children's Hospital. These children's hospitals aim to provide comfort and improve the children's health by adding fun and art in their health care. For example, in Mater Children's Hospital, they have Spiderman cleaning the windows. The medical staffs are also wearing superhero costumes which are appealing to kids. They also have converted the boring walls with wall arts that will surely make the kids feel that they are not in the hospitals.

Hospitals and clinics are not supposed to be feared. Doctors and the medical staffs too. It will surely bring a huge difference if all hospitals, not just children's hospitals, are able to adopt the concept of art in their healing process.

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