Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Worm Casting For Organic Gardening


Worms play a huge role in our ecological system. Sure, they are creepy and icky but they are actually a great helper in our gardens. I must admit that I am not a big fan of worms just like most of you. They are dirty. I cringe at the thought of them. Nevertheless, they are also important in this world. It is known that these live red worms help in keeping our plants healthy because they are not only natural fertilizers but they are also the best. 

But why do we fertilize our plants again? Other than keeping our plants healthy, live worms, specifically live red worms, prevent mineral depletion in soil which are caused by weeds, fungi and bacteria, constant watering and dry weather. Besides, plants do not have the natural ability to replenish the minerals it had taken from the soil to sustain its growth. In addition worm casting and worms do not only keep the moisture in the soil, they also provide soil aeration and prevent bugs and insects from damaging our plants as well. Unlike the non-organic fertilizers, worms fertilizers can provide all the necessary minerals and elements such as phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, calcium, potash and magnesium for the proper growth of our plants. These crawling creatures are a great help to our farmers especially, because they can increase crop production. Crops are heavier and healthier too without the smell of chemicals. These type of fertilization are sought after by organic farmers across the globe because of all the benefits worm casting offers.

Using worm fertilizers is ideal for an outdoor or indoor gardening. What is good about using live red worms for your gardening needs is they reproduce so there is no need for you to buy another one when you have a need for them. Worms may look gross but they are definitely harmless. But if red worms really gross you out, you can also use worm tea or compost which are both organic as well.

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