Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Christmas Everywhere


Christmas is one of the most celebrated holiday of the year. It is also one of my favorite holidays because everybody comes home during this holiday season to celebrate with their loveones or special someone. Other than exchanging gifts, abundance of food, holiday music, we decorate our homes with christmas decorations such as the christmas tree, christmas stockings, holiday wreaths, christmas lights, christmas candles to name a few, to celebrate the birth of Christ . Aside from these decorations, christmas wreaths and holiday wreaths are also hung on our doors as a sign that we are celebrating Christmas. These holiday wreaths are also present in the entrance doors of shopping malls, offices, and other commercial establishments to greet and wish everyone a merry Christmas.

The Philippines is known to be the country who celebrates Christmas the longest. Celebration starts as early as September and ends until January. Christmas decorations even stays up to the month of February. They celebrate christmas with simbang gabi, a daily mass for nine days which is held at dawn starting December 16. Christmas carols is also done as early as September. This is almost like a tradition to most Filipinos. This is also the happiest time of the year for them because it is also like thanksgiving for them.

Christmas traditions is also different in England. They celebrate the birth of our Lord with a family Christmas dinner. Weeks before that is celebrated with watching the nativity play and Christmas Carols. Christmas decorations also adorn their homes, offices and commercial buildings.

The celebration of Christmas is maybe different in other countries. But it does not matter how you celebrate it. The most important thing is that you understand what Christmas is all about. Christmas is not just about gift giving, parties, and family reunions, it is about God’s love to the world.

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