Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Herb Kits And Seed Starting Kits For The Brown Thumbs

Gardening is one of the best things to do if you want to unwind and relax. It is the best stress reliever according to some and it is one of the most gratifying hobbies I know. In fact the small gardens of herbs which I have been working on are growing healthily. My cousin who gave me the present calls it Thai Herb Window Box Kit. The herb kit and seed starting kit include Thai basil, Thai chili pepper or bird’s eye chili and spice coriander. I was grateful with the gift but I was hesitant to accept it considering how bad I am when it comes to growing plants. But according to my dear cousin, Thai herbs such as the Thai basil are easy to grow.

After three weeks, the herbs do not show any sign of wilting or withering. I felt great that for the first time in a long time the plants which I tried to grow are growing well. It gave me hope that my long time dream of growing a variety of flowering garden, vegetable garden and herb garden will finally come true. In fact, I already started clearing out the weeds in the backyard to make way for the garden. I also bought several herb kits and seed kits for the garden. According to the plant enthusiast I have spoken online, these plants can also be transferred on the ground. But I am not confident enough that I can do it without harming the plants.

Growing plants are maybe easy as 123 to some. But to those who has a brown thumb like me, it is not. I know that I am great in following instructions especially when it comes to growing a plant. But in spite of it, they still wither. Having a green thumb is a gift which is not for everyone, but I am sure that with the help of everyone, those who has a brown thumb like me can grow a garden healthily.

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