Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Organic Gardening

Switching from pesticides and any harmful chemicals in order protect and nurture their plants to organic is a difficult decision which farmer must make. There are a lot of things to consider. They have to weigh in all its advantages and disadvantages of using organic products and non-organic products first before they make a decision especially when they are already used to using the same brand of pesticides. Are they willing to risk a good harvest which is guaranteed by their trusted pesticides in exchange of a chemical free produce and healthier environment? Perhaps most farmers would think twice. Who wouldn’t?

However, I admire those farmers who choose organic fertilizers such as live worms and composts even if it does not guarantee a bountiful harvest. As an environmentalist myself, I would also chose the natural technique in farming. Although live red worms are icky and may turn your insides out, they are still the best choice for me since that also means protecting our mother nature. I also tried raising them to ensure that we have enough live worms for all the plants we have. In fact we already tried fertilizing the decorative plants in our living room and the vegetables in our little plot in the backyard three days ago to check if it is indeed effective. I am pleased with the result. The plants have greener leaves and blossoms have a richer color as well compared to those times when we were still using pesticides.

For someone who cannot keep a plant alive for a long time without any help from the green thumbs, seeing my plants grow healthily because of live red worms feels like I hit the jackpot. I am proud of my plants that I show them off to my friends who are also into gardening. They were disgusted with the worms at first but after explaining to them that these icky crawling worms are the reasons why our plants are healthy, they want to have these worms in their yard as well.

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