Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Making Your Own Window Box

Window boxes are great idea to upgrade your outdoor living space. The cool think about them is that they are also very convenient and practical. Opening the curtains in the morning will be a whole new experience with bees, ladybugs and butterflies flocking to your window box. The bright colored flowers blooms and welcomes you everyday. Make your own neighbor-envy window boxes. You can plant flowers that can charm your visitors and even herbs that is useful for cooking.

Today, I am going to tell you about making your own wooden window box. Although there are wooden window box that are available for sale, there are people who would love to make their own. Customized window box is also available where you can choose your own size and style. Those window window boxes that you can find in the store aren't that cheap and may not be tailored right for your window, so it's better to one by yourself.

1. Measure Accurately 
The width of the windows determines the final length of the planter. 

2. Make a Bracket Template 
Use brackets to support the weight of the box and the dirt that will fill it. Cut a cardboard to use as template. 

3. Select the Wood 
Certain types of wood aren't suitable for this project. Mahogany is perfect but expensive. Cedar is good and can be left natural but it can be stained. 

4. Cut and Trim Side Boards 
After determining the full width of the planter, cut front and back boards to the appropriate length. 5. Bevel Corners Bevel the corner to make it even and nice to look at. 

6. Add Slots 
Cut a slot at the end of the two boards to adjoin sides and increase strength 

7. Cut, Add and Secure End Pieces 
Cut scrap wood left and use a glue to keep the wood in place. 

8. Measure, Cut and Secure the Bottom Piece 
Measure the bottoms and cut the proper length and width. apply glue at the edges and use screw to secure the bottom pieces. 

9. Drill Drainage Holes 
Drill drainage holes in bottom, spacing about 12 inches apart, beginning about 6 inches from each end. 

10. Cut and Prepare the Brackets 
After the box planter is assembled, cut brackets to support the weight of the planter, dirt and plants and secure to the home’s exterior. 

11. Apply the Finish 
You can paint the wood or apply a finish to protect the wood. 

12. Place and Attach Brackets 
Position each bracket where needed to provide good support here there’s one at the middle and each end.

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