Friday, May 31, 2013

Fiberglass Window Box For A Better Home

It was a fine sunny day. Cool breeze of air is blowing from any direction. I like it when the sun is not too hot and is perfect day for some apartment hunting. I was lucky to receive a promotion from the company I worked for. I needed to move to New York City. It's time for me to look for an apartment. I want somewhere near my new office. I wanted a relaxing and very comfortable place.

I couldn't be more excited to do the apartment hunting. I am a little bit picky about the apartment that I want, but I'm very much easy to please. A place with great architectural design, updated appliances and amenities will suit my needs. Although price is a great factor, but as as long the location is perfect then that wouldn't be a problem for me. Anyway, my husband is also working so he can also help me pay our rent. I'm so excited for our new home.

As we drive through the city of New York, I was amazed by the beautiful and state-of-the-art buildings in every corner. I can see busy people walking down the streets. We dropped by at West Village Apartment and checkout their rooms. The studio flat, located in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, features a full kitchen and free Wi-Fi. Hudson River Park is just a 1-minute walk away. It features a studio equipped with a full kitchen including a dishwasher, hob, and refrigerator, and dining area. A sofa bed and flat screen TV are also provided. The flat is decorated in classic black and white colours and modern d├ęcor which I like the most. The large window adds light to the studio and offers city views. It is decorated with fiberglass window box with lovely flower. It has an on-site fitness centre and has laundry facilities on every floor. The high-rise building provides a 24-hour front desk, and concierge services. Washington Square Park is a 10-minute walk from the studio. New York University is a 15-minute walk, too.

Well, The West Village Apartment is perfect since it's just near my office. I guess that's it. My and husband and I just need to talk to the broker. We have already set up a meeting. Can't wait to move in.

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