Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Composite Window Box: Perfect For Apartments


A few enhancements to our home is not bad. It does not need to be costly. A little artistry and touch of love will do. Putting plants and flowers are the best example of home decor that is not that expensive. Aside from the beauty it can give it also provides a lot of benefits. You can checkout my latest blog about plants benefits.

On my way home from work, something caught my sight upon passing through some apartments in the city. The beautiful composite window box in The Hub Apartment caught my attention. It is so captivating. The flowers blooms like pastel colors. I never thought that having a window box would look this great. I wonder how the owner decided to have a window box.


When I got home, I thought of putting a window box. Since the apartment window is perfect for that. I called the lessor if she could allow me to put a window box. She didn't agree with my plan. She said that if I will put a window box , it is best to have it on every window. Well, that sounds great. It will look nice. She said that she'll talk to the apartment owner and the architect about it. It really excite me a lot. At least, I give a suggestion to improve the outdoor facade of the apartment and attract more tenants. 

I sat down near the window while having coffee. I'm waiting for my companion to arrive home so that we could eat together. There are also apartments in our neighbors. I notice that there are no window box either. I even imagine how it look like when there is one. For sure it will look great. If I could only encourage the owner of our apartment to have it immediately.

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