Monday, May 13, 2013

Window Bow With A Touch of European Style

European style of decorating is the root of all decorating ideas that influenced by the Renaissance period and it has become popular all over the world. There are three European decorating style that are famous nowadays: Tuscan, French country and Mediterranean style.

In European countries, if you are given the chance to look around, you will be to see beautiful window boxes everywhere from country to country. No wonder, window box originated in this area. You will notice window boxes in restaurants, hotels, government offices and other businesses establishments.

Specifically in Paris, France several of hotels with aluminum window boxes. The Saint James Paris is a lovely hotel with 48 rooms and suites in a garden surrounded mansion. The hotel is designed with Juliet balconies decorated with jewel-like colors flowers in window box. The window box provides great attention to both comfort and style. It also adds elegance and classic look to the hotel. Your will only enjoy the comfortability but as well as the cozy ambiance of the hotel, great staff and amenities, state-of-the-art mansion and the beautiful window box completed the famous Saint James Paris.

On the other hand, the White Hart Hotel is one of the most striking hotels in Surrey, it provides superb accommodation and of course a great pub. It is located near the bank of Thames where you could enjoy the seeing the scenic view of the river which makes the perfect stop off for boaters. The beautiful window boxes accentuated with brightly colored and eye-catching flowers attract more tourists every year. You will definitely enjoy your stay in this world-class hotel.

Window boxes have become so popular all over the world especially in European countries. You'll enjoy the beauty, elegance and comfort in hotels with European inspired window boxes.

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