Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Container Gardening: Ideal For Small Spaces

Gardening is probably not for everyone especially for a brown thumb like me. I am among those people who are not supposed to grow plants as it is only a waste of time and effort. But as the proverbial phrase goes if there's a will there's a way. I was able to grow vegetables, herbs and other plants in our backyard with the help of the people around me. Reading books, joining forums and watching videos about gardening also helps.

My first successful gardening project in our backyard gave me enough confidence to try container gardening again in my new studio type apartment. My first attempt in container gardening was a total failure as all of the plants in the container withered.  I have to read lots of container gardening books to check which plants are alright for container gardening. I also asked for the advice and opinions of several gardening enthusiasts whom I met from the forums in regards to container gardening. I was advised that the best planter for container gardening are fiberglass flower pots since they are well known for their durability. The fiberglass flower pots such as the Orchard Hill 30" Bowl Planters are also popular for its optimized aeration and drainage which every gardening enthusiast are looking for. These types of planters are perfect for the Herb Kits & Seed Starting Kits which I received from my parent during my recent birthday. I only wish they are also equipped with self-irrigating system if in case I forget to water the plants in the container.
Whoever said that growing a garden in a studio type apartment is not possible, has not tried container gardening yet? It was difficult at first but I have high hopes that new gardening project will be a success just like my first backyard gardening project. I will also plant various herbs and vegetables in the fiberglass flower pots and planters to save money. If this project becomes successful, I will have freshly picked vegetables and herbs everyday. This also means I do not need to run to the grocery store or convenience store if in case I need the vegetables and herbs since I have them in my own home. That would be very convenient for me. I believe this is what they meant by reaping the fruits of your labor in a literal way.

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