Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My School Project: Canadian Sugar Maple Tree

Teaching our kids to value nature is one of the best gifts that we could give them and the next generations. It is important that they know the importance of nature to our existence because by doing so we teach them how to respect even the smallest living creature in this planet. It is also one way of teaching them to be kind to one another. It will also teach them how to be patient. On the other hand, it is also our way of giving back to nature all the benefits we have received after all this time.
I used to think that planting trees and gardening are just a mere school projects which I need to comply in order to pass. I was not happy about it since I am not very good with plants. It is not because I do not know how to care enough but it is because I was not born with it. It is kind of ironic that I do not know how to keep my plants alive when I was raised in the farm. I have to put a lot of effort every time I plant an herb, a tree, or any other decorative plants. But somehow I was able to grow Canadian Sugar Maple trees in our small backyard.

The Canadian Sugar Maple trees were initially my school project. I tried growing this tree in a container. The first Canadian Sugar Maple bonsai tree I had only lasted for three months. I never tried to make a bonsai out of it again. Instead I planted several Canadian Sugar Maple trees in our backyard. I was taught that this tree prefers deep, rich and moist soil. It also grows best in well-drained soil. In spite of talent in “murdering plants” I was able to raise this maple tree to maturity. Thankfully, after 10 years, my maple tree is still standing tall. We have also been enjoying its maple syrup. In return, my niece and I planted several more Canadian Sugar Maple trees in the yard.

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