Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home Herb Garden: A Perfect Gift For Our Loveones

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Choosing a birthday present for my best friend since high school is always giving me a headache. There are times that I regret being her best friend especially during special occasions such as Christmas, her birthday and their wedding anniversary because I do not know what else to give her. That’s because she already has everything she could ask for. So I always end up asking her what she wants as a present. However, she no longer wants to receive a present that she already knew. I might as well not give her anything since the essence of surprise is gone. She wants to receive a present that she will feel excited about when she opens it.

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I was already thinking of baking her favorite cookies since she is on a strict diet. I was planning to ruin her diet when I remembered our last conversation that she is taking classes for cooking. Surely, she would want a home herb garden in her grand kitchen just like the ones I have in our kitchen. It is probably not an original idea since I received the home herb garden from her but I am sure that she will be surprised when she receives the same gift as well. With the help of my cousin who is very good with plants, I started an herb garden for my best friend. I bought two sets of three assorted Volcanic Rock Planters and several Seed and herb kits and ask my cousin to plant them for me. The home herb garden will be ready in a month just in time for her birthday and for the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to her birthday.

Image by Hooksandlattice
Whenever we give someone a gift, we are not only giving just any gift; we are giving a part of our self to that person. We always give it a careful thought because we want to be remembered by the person who will be receiving the gift. These are a few of the reasons why choosing a gift is hard especially if that person already has everything that money can buy. But let us not forget that the most expensive gifts are not those which can be bought by money.

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