Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gardening In Style With The Raised Bed Garden Kit

According to Josh Billings, “a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” It will even sacrifice its own life for our sake which makes me feel a bit guilty at times especially when I reprimand my pet dogs for doing something mischievous such as biting our television remote control into pieces, tearing the mail into pieces and gnawing at the furniture.  Well, they are just being dogs.
Image by Hooksandlattice
However, one of the most devilish things my dog has ever done which made me lose my temper was when it dug the vegetable garden which I have been working on for almost a month now. The remote control and the furniture can be replaced. I really do not care much about the mails since I receive the important ones in my electronic mailbox. But the time and hard work which I spent on the vegetable garden which will be harvested in a few weeks cannot be replaced. Again, they are just being dogs. But I still feel bad that all that hard work are down to nothing.
Image by Hooksandlattice
Thankfully my mom and siblings tried fixing it up for me. After surrounding the garden plot with a fence, they replanted those plants which were not totally damaged in a Round or Clover Shaped Raised Bed Garden design which was meant for my mom’s flowering plants. Or perhaps she had foreseen that something like this will happen and ordered the raised bed garden kit in advance. Anyhow, the Clover Shaped Raised Bed Garden design looks appealing, unique and most importantly, the vegetable plants look better in it. I guess it is because my mom had carefully chosen the right kind of soil for the vegetable garden. Gardening is also made easy because of the raised bed garden kit since I don’t need to kneel or bend a lot. In addition, since we can chose the type of soil in the raised bed garden kit, it is possible to grow fruits, flowers and herbs which were unlikely to grow in the of soil we have in the backyard. Somehow what my puppy did to the vegetable garden in the backyard is a blessing in disguise.

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