Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Canadian Sugar Maple Trees And Its Benefits
For several decades we have been suffering from all sorts of natural calamities brought about by global warming. Flood, tsunamis, drought, and strong typhoons which can wipe us out in a single stroke are nature’s revenge for all the abuses it received from us. Thankfully, government and private sectors here and abroad have been working hand in hand to stop global warming by teaching us the proper way to recycle, patronize environmental friendly products and the most important of all they encourage us to plant trees and plants. Without this nature’s natural air cooling system, we do not stand a chance against the harmful heat of the sun. 
I am glad that we were taught how to plant trees and other plants at a very young age. My parents and teachers in school did a wonderful job in instilling that we should value and protect Mother Nature. The tall Canadian Sugar Maple trees which started as a project during my grade school are now standing tall and proud in our yard. These trees made our place cooler that some places which do not have any trees. They are very convenient especially during summer. I tried to make a bonsai tree out of as it makes a wonderful indoor decoration. But my parents told me that it will grow best in its natural habitat. I am glad I listened. Aside from the shade provided by the Canadian Sugar Maple trees, we are also enjoying the sweet maple syrup which came from it. 
Planting decorative plants and trees such as the Canadian Sugar Maple trees make a difference in our society. Most of our food source come from them. In addition, without these plants and trees we do not stand a chance against the harmful heat of the sun. So let us do our part in planting trees for we have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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