Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gardening With DIY Living Walls
Over the years, I have seen several plants which were planted on hanging glass globes, contemporary table top terrariums, window boxes, and glowing planters. There are even some people who recycled their old piano, rusted wheelbarrow and empty plastic soda bottles into planters. I thought nothing else could surprise me as I have already seen these not-so-ordinary ways of growing plants. I even tried planting a few of my favorite plants using these beautiful and unique planters. However, it is in our nature to seek and develop new ideas as that will improve our way of living. The living wall or green wall is the product of one of those new ideas.
The living wall is garden and wall decoration rolled into one. They are a perfect decoration if you have a limited space or if you are staying in a studio type apartment. They are also proven to be very useful especially in the kitchen as they can be used to grow your favorite herbs and spices. I already have three living walls which are growing healthily. One of those living walls is gracing the living wall. The second one is gracing the kitchen. The herbs and spices which I planted on the third do it your self living wall is only a week old so it stays hidden in my room. I am planning to give it to my mom as a surprise Mother’s Day present on May 11th. It will be the first time I am giving her a live plant on Mother’s Day and I am very excited about it. For sure she will be please since she had been asking for the living wall in the kitchen the first time she saw it.
I suppose I am ready for my first bonsai project. I am planning to use the Vertical Garden with Containers for my bonsai trees. I know that growing bonsai trees may not be as easy as growing herbs and spices. They need more care and attention. But I am 100 percent confident that my bonsai trees will grow as healthily as the other living walls.

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