Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gardening Takes Your Worry Away


Life is never easy. Everyday of our life we are bombarded with endless problems. It is also a constant battle between doing what is right and good. Thankfully, we have family and friends to call for support. They may not give us the solutions to all our problems. They may not give us all the answers we need. They may not be able to shield us from all the difficulties. But for sure they will always have a shoulder for us to cry on especially when things get really tough. Perhaps most of us is ashamed to cry. That's because we see crying as a sign of weakness. It is not. Crying is one way of releasing all the negative energies in our body. It is our body's way of unloading all the heavy baggages which keep us from moving forward. If crying our loveone's shoulder is not an option, we can always do the waterworks in the secrecy of our bedroom. It also helps if we get ourselves involve in gardening.

Gardening is also a great and effective way of unloading all the extra baggage  in our life. Through gardening, we can burrow all the the problems in the dirt. It is never easy but it is a good way to start. I must admit that most of my gardening projects were not successful. I think that's because the plants had absorbed all the negative energies in my body. Thankfully, after the successful do-it-yourself living wall kit projects, I have gained enough confidence in taking in more gardening projects at home. Recently, I have been planting Supertunia White. They were given by one of my cousins as a housewarming gift. According to my cousin, Supertunia White is a perennial plant which means they are perfect for all seasons. They are drought tolerant and they are low maintenance as well. You can plant them directly to the ground, in a container, or in a windowbox. But I am planning to plant them in the living wall kit again. All the plants I planted in the living wall kit are thriving well. Besides, it has its own reservoir which will keep the Supertunia White watered all the time.

Seeing all the plants I have sown grow everyday did wonders. It taught me how to look at the brighter side of life. I have also noticed that I am more patient now than I was before I started gardening. It gave me a sense of peace. All I can say is that I am happier now in spite of all the problems that come my way. I know I can beat them all.

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