Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Housewarming Presents


More often than not I give home garden gifts as a present. They are perfect in every way because they grow. They are beneficial to our environment as well. They don't just beautify our surroundings; they also provide us with fresh air. Plants can make anyone feel great. Besides, I always love gardening.I tried growing all types of plants in my apartment. I planted them in terrariums, flower boxes and even in old wine crates. 


Unfortunately, gardening does not love me because none of the plants survived or perhaps I have been not paid close attention to them. My frustration in gardening is known to all my close friends and relatives which is why I always receive home garden gifts every time there is a special occasion.  I always receive live plants and kits such as Easter Wheat-grass Garden-in-a-Pail, Basil Seed Kit in Bamboo Container, and other Seed Starting Kits and Gifts That Grow which used to frustrate me.  Other than I was not good in growing plants because they die all the time, my space was limited. Unless I bring the plants to my parents'  place, the plants do not stand a chance of survival. But now that I have my own house with a great landscape and garden, I have more than enough space for all the home garden gifts. Besides, after successfully growing plants on the living wall kits, somehow I have gained enough confidence in planting.

I suppose the famous quote that goes the love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies is true. I will forever be looking for different means and ways to grow plants. I know that  I will still encounter failures in growing plants along the way. But these failures cannot stop me from growing plants. Besides I still have my friends and my family who are always around when I need help in gardening. No worries.

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