Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Decorating Your Garden With Combined Clock Thermometer

Receiving a combined clock thermometer on my housewarming party was unexpected. I have always fancied one because the design is not only unique, it is whimsical as well. It is also very useful as it can tell the time and the temperature. When I first saw it at one of my boss' beautiful garden, I thought it was just some outdoor wall decoration. It is too beautiful to be just some outdoor wall decoration especially the Grapevine Clock and Thermometer Combo. I thought it would make a great interior wall decoration. But then again, I know it is much needed outside.

However, this combined clock thermometer is more useful in the garden. I can monitor the time and temperature when I am outside working with the plants. There are times that I get too engrossed in gardening that I forget that its time to eat. This is the main reason why I wanted this in my own garden. Besides they make a unique decoration. I suppose I am the only person in the neighborhood which has this combine clock thermometer. All my neighbor's agreed that they are indeed lovely as well as useful. I have been trying to influence them into buying one since I know that when they are working in their garden, they also forget about time and temperature.

I am halfway opening all the gifts I received for my housewarming party. I am taking my time opening each one and I am in for more surprises and fun. My close friends, relatives and my loving family really knows what to give me. They know my wants and my thoughts. I can't wait to open the next gift. I am sure it is something which I could use in the future as well just like the wonderful Grapevine Clock and Thermometer Combo.

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