Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hosting The Housewarming Party For The First Time

I still cannot believe that I will be hosting my own housewarming party in a few days. Even the fact that I have my own space still overwhelms me. I have sent out the invitations to my love ones and friends just a day ago for the housewarming party this coming Saturday. Some invitations where sent out using traditional mail while those who are living in another city receive theirs through email. I am not sure if they will be able to attend since I sent out the invitations in such a short notice but I am crossing my fingers that they will. 
I cannot wait to show them around in my humble abode. I am positive that they will be as surprise as I am once they catch a glimpse of my new house. The house looks like it came straight out of a postcard. I want to show them my beautiful garden as well. All the flowering plants are in full bloom and I am sure that everyone will love them especially the Supertunia Raspberry Blast. These lovely flowers look magnificent. I have a hard time growing them. Even I cannot believe that I would be able to keep them alive and healthy. I want to show them the Supertunia Raspberry Blast which I planted in the living wall planters. It will definitely surprise them that I have these plants in the living wall planters hidden away from them. Initially I was planning to give away the living wall planter filled with Supertunia Raspberry Blast last Mother's Day as a present. But I know my mom will love the one filled with herbs for her kitchen. So instead, I have her the ones with herbs and kept the one with Supertunia Raspberry Blast.

Having a garden on my wall instead of pictures is somewhat unique and convenient. It gave my living room a character of its own and it is something to brag about. They all know what a total disaster I am when it comes to garden The living wall project was like my redemption. It made gardening easy and fun since I do not worry worry them everyday. The living wall planter includes a moisture mat to keep the plants moist all the time. Now that they are in full bloom, I want to show them to everyone. This coming housewarming party is the perfect time to do it.

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