Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Health Wonders Of Nasturtiums And Pansy

Plants have been the favorite ornament and gift since the time of Adam and Eve. Our forefathers would use these plants to adorn their body as well as their homes. They do not only promote clean air. They are also use to reduce carbon dioxide which is bad for our health. They  have a cooling effect to our environment as well. They are a great stress reliever and they inspire creativity. Most importantly, they promote healing and happiness which explains why we give plants when someone we love is sick.

Plants are not only use as an ornament. Flowering plants such as pansy and nasturtiums are also use as food and medicine. The Nasturtiums for example, is a great source of Vitamin C. The leaves are known as a natural antibiotic which helps cure sore throat, bladder problems, colds, flu and even bronchitis. Its leaves and flowers are also use to cure scurvy, a disease cause by the deficiency of Vitamin C and blood disorder. Pansies on the other hand, are known to treat epilepsy. Just like nasturtiums, it is also also use to treat bladder and respiratory problems. In addition, pansy is use to prevent high blood pressure. It also prevents heart attacks if consumed regularly.

These great benefits of beautiful plants explain why my mom, encourages us not only to eat nasturtiums and pansy but also to plant them. Her garden is full of these colorful and edible plants. She also has several seed starting kits which she loves to give away as a gift. The seed starting kits of these wonder plants are quite easy to grow. Even my nieces and nephews have started their own garden from these seed starting kits. I have also started my green wall because of these seed starting kits.

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