Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Handling Stress In The Most Productive Way


According to Valerie Bertinelli, "Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not." Surely, nobody gets away from stress. People from all walks of life succumb to stress especially when we are pressured at work, school and even at home. Lucky are those who are able to handle it very well. Experts say that it is just a matter of stress handling. If we let stress affect us, then we are doomed to resort to all types of vices such as drug addiction, smoking and alcoholism.

Most people I know handle stress in a very positive way. In fact, they are more productive when they are stressed. One of my cousins, for example, cleans the entire house when she is stressed out. I must admit that is much better way of handling stress that getting into vices. However, the most productive  way of overcoming stress is by gardening. I suppose that everyone who started gardening gets hook with it. It is quite amazing watching your plants grow day by day. It makes you feel good about yourself knowing that you helped it grow. I am happy that I was introduced to gardening at a very young age. It has been my way of venting all my frustrations and problems in life. I guess it is my mom's too considering the number of  Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits stored in the garden shed.

She has all types of Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits in the garden shed. She has a collection of Herbs of Napoli Herb Kit, Herbs of Tuscany Herb Kit and Basil-O-Holic Foodie Garden Seed Kit because they are easy to plant and maintain. The kits also include instructions which are easy to follow that even a young child can understand. I have already planted several of her Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits in my own home. Some of it I have planted in the DIY living wall kit which now hangs on her kitchen walls. I know that she have given some of her collection of herb kits as a gift already. But it seems that her supply of herb kits does not run out. Well, it is her own way of sorting out her problems and relieving her stress. I wish that everyone will be able to handle stress in the most productive way. Rather than destroying their life, they should do something creative and productive. 

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