Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Cousin's Garden


Changing the interior of my cousin's new house has been fun and entertaining. We have repainted the walls, changed the furniture, added the ceramic lamps and now we are working on the plants. I am pleased that she trusted me with her plants. She knows how bad my track record is when it comes to gardening. Entrusting me her garden is a great honor in my part. I only wish that all the plants I planted on the ground will grow healthily. The last time I did it, was a total failure. All the plants I replanted withered.

Of all the plants she entrusted in my care, I am most careful with the Nasturtiums, an edible flowering plant, which her favorite among her flowering plants. Why not? This edible flowering plant bears colorful and attractive flowers which is perfect in decorating not only your dishes but also your home. I am thinking of adding this Nasturtium plant in the new green wall I am working on at home. I wish that I have done everything right in replanting this plant. I have religiously followed all the instructions she gave me on how to grow Nasturtiums. But I am still not sure if it will thrive well. I have even applied an organic fertilizer specifically live worms to ensure that the plants will grow alright.

Helping my cousin work on her garden has been a great pleasure and honor for me. I feel great knowing that she has faith in me. I only wish that I have I have faith in my self as well. I know that I did well in growing the plants in my garden. I wish it will be the same for her garden.

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