Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Sister-In-Laws Home Library


I definitely had a good time at my sister-in-laws place. It may have been such a short holiday but it had somehow revived and relaxed me. I wish we could visit their place again anytime this week. I just love everything about their place. I love their garden. Her mom has various collection of orchids which I have never seen before. She also have several herbs and spices planted on window boxes which adorns their windows. Aside from their garden, I also spent most of my time in their library. They have a huge collection of garden books, encyclopedias, and novels. In fact, she lent me a couple of her garden books. She must have took pity of me after I mentioned how many times I failed trying to grow a single plant before.

One of the garden books she lent me is Window Boxes Indoors & Out. This great book will definitely help me in my gardening. It has information on how to grow different types of plant and when and where is the perfect time to grow it. It also include several tips on how to properly care for plants especially the ones planted in the container. Had I read this garden book  before, none of the plants I had planted would have "died" in my hands. In addition, this book is also entertaining. It contains a lot of colorful photographs of the different plants. Even my two year old niece love it.

I know I had a lot to learn about gardening. I need to read several gardening books so no plants would die in my hands ever. This book gave me an inspiration to have my own collection of outdoor and indoor plants. Fortunately, my sister-in-law's mom is willing to give me some of her plants especially the orchids. I could not wait for our next visit.

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