Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dino Foot Terrarium, A Unique Housewarming Gift


It is my cousin's turn to host her own housewarming party. It is going to be this coming Friday night. It is going to be a small party. She only invited her three best friends and a few of her husband's and our relatives. She does not like throwing parties. If not because of her husband who will be coming home the day before the housewarming party, there won't be any housewarming party to celebrate at all.

With only a few days to look for a unique gift for her, I have scoured every antique stores and gift shops in town. However, none of the items there caught my eye. Fortunately, one of my colleagues showed me an online gift shop which offers miniature gardens. All the miniature gardens are cute and adorable. I love the Dino Foot Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers especially. This beautiful Dino Foot Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers is filled with beautiful flowers in red, pink, turquoise, white, yellow, light green, orange, and purple colors. At first glance I thought they were real flowers. But after reading its description, they are artificial flowers. I am not sure if my cousin will be pleased of the gift since she is the type of person who love live plants. But I want to press luck. I bought the Dino Foot Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers to be delivered at her doorstep with my eyes closed.

I cannot wait to see her reaction when she receive the delivery. I should have asked her what she feels about artificial plants. But then again, I do not want to blow the surprise. I am crossing my fingers that she will fall in love with the Dino Foot Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers just like I did.

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