Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Belated Housewarming Gift

My sister-in-law surprised me yesterday with a belated housewarming gift and a peace offering. She was not able to make it during the house warming party because she has been called home to take care of her father who was sick at that time. She just arrived yesterday with good news that her dad is well. However, she will be leaving again with my niece and brother the day after tomorrow to celebrate her mother's birthday. I am just please that she made time to visit me just to give me my present.
Her housewarming gift was a beautiful Square Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers with Keychain. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It reminds me of the gift I gave to my cousin on her housewarming party which was a  Dino Foot Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers. This Square Terrarium is also filled with multicolored dried flowers. However, unlike the Dino Foot Terrarium, this Square Terrarium is much smaller. I can placed it on my desk or I can use it as a paperweight.  I love the  unique key chain mini terrarium especially. It is also filed with light green dried flowers which are really cute. I can carry it anywhere I go.

Receiving a Square Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers with Keychain brings back old memories. The last time I received a key chain was during my high school days. My sister-in-law may have seen my collection of keychains.  Otherwise she may have given me something else. It is quite thoughtful of her to give me something for my collection of keychains. Maybe I will start collecting again.

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