Friday, June 28, 2013

Your Dream House

What is your dream house? Would you prefer to have a big one or small one? Have you already thought of the design that you want? I know everyone has its own dream house. A house that you can live, spend and enjoy life with your family. As for me, I am not really dreaming of a grandiose and luxurious house but a simple house is already good for me as long I'm with my loved ones.

Whether you have a big or small house, home decorating is a great way to improve your home and give a more appealing look. Mostly, in western countries they are not really after the exterior design of the house, rather they check the interior design of it. This includes the paint color, the design of the rooms, the kitchen and even the space inside. However, for some people who are really concerned about the outside look of their house, they make sure that it is pleasing to the eye. A friend of mine once said that no matter how cheap or expensive of your design or decor as long as it gives a positive and beautiful outcome, it is still acceptable.

I've been to a lot of places and I have visited a lot of houses too and I was really amazed how these designers and architects create such a great architectural design. House designs may differ from country to country. For example in western countries, many people choose house designs with exterior shutters to protect their windows against different weather conditions. While some countries prefer bigger houses to give enough space for children to play and for visitors. 

Building a house is a dream but finishing it is a nightmare because this isn't a joke. This would require more time, effort and of course money. To make your dream house become a reality, be realistic.

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