Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Adventure at Valloire

France is located in Western Europe with several overseas regions and territories. It is known as the largest country in Western Europe and third largest in the whole Europe. It is a developed country and considered as the Europe's wealthiest country. Valloire is a commune in the Savoei department in the Rhone-Alps region of southeastern France. It is the home of the famous ski areas: S├ętaz and the Crey du Quart. Many people come and visit the place every year and experience the thrill and excitement of skiing.

Last year, I was invited by my friend to spend a weekend to their place. Since I never been there, I was very excited that I answered yes immediately. When I arrived in their house I was welcomed by her family. We had a great dinner and after that we stayed at the living room since we have lots of catch up to do. The next day, I woke up early to prepare to go to the ski resort to try skiing. Of course, since it was my first time, I need to practice. I stayed there for a while I watched my friend showed her expert moves. She's been doing for quite sometime now since she lived there. After I was able to get my balance, I was able to make a few distance. It really feels great to experience skiing firsthand. 

After a breath-taking adventure, my friend tour me around. We pass by the Avenue De La Vallee D'or. From the point where I am standing, I can see the tall mountain with snowcaps. It looks awesome. As we continue our walked, I saw a hotel that very extraordinary. The architectural design is very unique. Not only that, my friend told me that during spring the flowers blooms in the window boxes that gives a very alluring look from afar.

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